15 Frugal Uses for Salt

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Frugal Uses For Salt


Salt is More Than a Seasoning

Salt is something we all have in our kitchens, but did you know how many other uses it has?  Common table salt is made up of two simple chemicals, sodium and chlorine, that on their own can be deadly.  But when introduced to each other, they become a magical substance that our bodies can’t live without.  Salt is an inexpensive way to take care of a lot of things, from cleaning, to seasoning, to deodorizing.  Check out these awesome uses!


15 Ways to Use Common Table Salt

1.  Seasoning ~ Easily season bland foods, such as potatoes and pasta, by adding a sprinkling of salt to the water as they cook.  The flavor will be infused into the food, not just lay on top.

2.  Cook Faster ~ When boiling water to cook with, add a little bit of salt.  It won’t make the water boil faster, but it will raise the temperature at which the water will boil, thus making whatever you are cooking cook faster.

3.  Make Your Own Soft Scrub ~ Mix salt and dish soap in equal quantities for a homemade soft scrub that works on all your tough dishes.

4.  Kill Driveway Weeds ~ Do you have weeds growing in the cracks of your driveway or sidewalk?  Sprinkle a little salt in them and watch the weeds die without harsh chemicals!  Be careful around plants you want to keep though, because salt will kill everything.

5.  Deter Ants ~ If ants are coming in your home, sprinkle salt over your door and window sills.  The ants won’t cross the lines!

6.  Clean Up Messy Oven Spills ~ When your favorite pie spills over in the oven, sprinkle salt on it to absorb the sticky mess.  You can bake the salt without it burning and it will create a crust that is really easy to clean out!

7.  Clean Onions and Garlic from your Hands ~ When you get done cutting up onions, garlic, or any other food that leaves an unwanted lingering scent on your hands, mix equal parts of salt and vinegar and rub into your hands.  Wash with your favorite soap and rinse clean for fresh smelling skin.

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8.  Ease a Sore Throat ~ Cold season will soon be upon us.  Next time you get a sore throat, add a tablespoon of salt to a cup of warm water and gargle with it.  It will help heal the soreness and kill the cold.

9.  Deodorize your Fridge ~ Have you ever opened your fridge and wondered what died in there?  Yeah, I think we’ve all done that at least once.  To rid the fridge of odors, mix some salt into some soda water, then wipe out the fridge with it, after you’ve found the offending item.  The odor will be eliminated quickly and easily.

10.  Got Tie Dye? ~ I love to make tie dye shirts and such.  To set the dyes and make sure my skin doesn’t look like a tie dye mess, I rinse out the fabric and put them in a bucket of 1 gallon cool water, ½  cup salt, and ½ cup white vinegar.  It sets the dye and keeps it from running.

11.  Keep Silk Flowers in Place ~ When arranging silk flowers, pour salt in the bottom of the vase to hold the flowers where you want them.

12.  Higher Peaks in Whipped Egg Whites ~ If you’ve ever had to whip egg whites until stiff for a recipe, you know how hard that can be sometimes.  Add a sprinkling of salt to your egg whites before whipping for higher, stiffer peaks easily.

13.  De-Ice Sidewalks and Driveways ~ I am always taken by surprise with the first icy patches on my driveway and sidewalks.  And I always procrastinate on buying salt to melt it.  If you’re caught without driveway salt, use table salt!  Sprinkle it on the ice and watch it melt away.

14.  Polish Brass and Copper without Scrubbing ~ Make a paste of equal parts of flour, salt, and white vinegar, then rub on brass or copper and let sit at least an hour.  Rub and rinse in warm water and watch the metal shine!

15.  Salt Scrub for a Spa Experience ~ Mix salt with olive or grapeseed oil and scent with orange zest or essential oils for a wonderful salt scrub to finish your day.


How Do You Use Salt?

I’m sure y’all have other ways of using salt.  What are they?  Shout them out in the comments below and share your salt secrets!


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  1. I just wrote a post on salting your laundry! If you add one or two pinches of salt to the water in your washing machine–right along with the detergent — it helps get the residue off the clothes when it rinses. Brights look brighter. Everything seems cleaner. I keep a salt shaker right next to the machine. ;)

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