25 Amazing Household Tips

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25 Amazing Household Tips

25 Amazing Household Tips

Sometimes you happen upon something that makes your life so much easier.  When it’s around the house, it’s a small miracle.  I’ve scoured the internet, looking for things I can use around my home that make cleaning and organizing easier to take care of.  Here are the 25 ways I found that actually worked for me and I have incorporated into my toolbox of tricks.


Storage Household Tips

Toilet Paper Power Cord

1.  Use empty toilet paper rolls to easily organize your power cords.

This works great for all those power cords you have laying around after the holidays!  Just fold them up, a little longer than the tubes, and place them in the center.  You can even mark on the outside of the tube how long they are so you can grab the one you need easily.  Try storing them in an old shoe box and keep both items out of a landfill!

 2.  Store folded bedsheets inside a pillow case.

The pillow case will show you what sheets are inside, and the sheets will store easily in your linen closet, keeping everything neat and organized.  I’ve been doing this for years, and it’s an easy way to pull out sheets without having to search for all the pieces.

Mason Jar cupcake papers

 3.  Store cupcake papers in Mason jars.

Placing cupcake papers in Mason jars not only keeps them organized, but keeps them clean too.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve grabbed cupcake papers, only to find them dusty or crinkled and unusable.  This tip was a lifesaver!  All of my cupcake papers are in once place, ready to use whenever I need them.

 4.  Organize scarves by tying them around the bottom of a hanger.

Scarves are a hot item this season, but storing them can sometimes be a pain.  Fold your scarves in half, loop them over the hanger, then tuck the ends through and pull for a loose knot.  You can put several silky scarves on a hanger, making it take up little space and making them easy to find.

 5.  Use egg cartons to store fragile decorations.

Save those egg cartons and store your delicate decorations in them to keep them from breaking.  Don’t forget to wash the cartons to make sure any egg pieces are gone.  The egg cartons will take quite a bit of impact, keeping your decorations safe and sound.

 6.  Keep those hair ties and barrettes neat with toilet paper tubes.

Toilet paper tubes are pretty handy!  Place the hair ties around the tube and the clips on the ends to keep everything handy and neat!  There’s nothing I dislike more in the bathroom than trying to grab a hair tie and getting a whole ball of them!  This really keeps the bathroom clean and tidy!

mason jar matches

7.  Store matches in a Mason jar.

Store your wooden matches in a Mason jar and place a sandpaper disk over the top for striking.   You’ll keep your matches safe and dry, and also always have the perfect surface for lighting them!

 8.  Place a tension rod under your kitchen sink to store spray bottles.

Keep your spray bottles organized and keep the shelf space for other things.  Simply install a tension rod under the sink and place the handles of the bottles over it to keep them up and away.  Writing the contents on the side with a permanent marker makes it even easier to grab just what you need.

 9.  Keep sweaters on the hangers with rubber bands.

Don’t throw away your wide rubber bands from things like broccoli.  Place them over the ends of your hangers to keep sweaters and silky fabrics from falling off.  It’s an easy way to use up te bands and a great way to keep things where they belong.

Kitchen Household Tips

10.  Rid your home of stale smells with orange peels and cloves.

Simmer orange peels and cloves in a pot on the stove to release a wonderful scent that cleans the air and fills it with a beautiful homey scent.  When you’re done, you can run them down the garbage disposer to freshen that up too!

 11.  Can’t find your garlic press?  Use a fork!

Press the garlic against a cutting board with a fork and you have an instant garlic press.  You can add a sprinkling of salt and mash it as well for an even better grind.  Just reduce the salt in your recipe a little bit to account for what you use in mashing the garlic.

 12.  Love crystal clear ice cubes?  Boil your water!

If you want crystal clear ice cubes, like the ones in restaurants or from the store, boil your water first and allow to cool.  Fill your trays and freeze them as normal and you’ll have beautiful clear cubes for all your beverages.

Lemon Salt Cutting Board

 13.  Clean your wooden cutting boards easily and perfectly.

A half of a lemon and a handful of sea salt is all it takes to clean your favorite cutting boards to perfection.  Sprinkle sea salt over the board, then scrub with a half of a lemon, cut side down.  Rinse and dry the board for a scent-free cutting board.

 14.  Tired of bugs in your glass in the summer?  Use a muffin paper!

Simply turn a muffin paper upside down, punch a hole through it for a straw, and voila!  You have an adorable little cover for your favorite summer punch that keeps the pesky little gnats and bugs away.

 15.  Freeze grapes to chill your wine in the glass.

Keep red and green grapes in your freezer to chill individual glasses of wine.  You won’t water down your wine, and at the end of the glass, you’ll have a delicious treat of wine-soaked grapes.

16.  To keep a pan from boiling over, use a wooden spoon.

Why clean up a mess from a pot of boiling potatoes or pasta sauce when you can rest a spoon over the top of the pan?  It keeps the contents from boiling over (but still could allow splashing) and keeps your stove top cleaner.

Ketchup Copper Pots

17.  Ketchup cleans copper bottomed pots.

Stop by the dollar store and pick up some ketchup to clean your copper bottomed pots.  Smear a layer of the red sauce over the copper and allow it to sit for 30 minutes to an hour.  When you lightly scrub off the sauce, your pot will be like new!

18.  When cutting soft bread, flip it over!

When you have a loaf of bread that is crusty on the bottom, but soft on the top, flip it over and cut it from the bottom side.  It will keep your bread from squishing and you’ll have perfect slices.

Miscellaneous Household Tips

potato light bulb

19.  Use a potato to remove broken light bulbs.

Cut a raw potato in half and press it down over the broken bulb.  Twist and remove the base easily and safely.  Don’t forget to unplug the lamp or turn off the circuit at the breaker!

 20.  Use essential oil to freshen your bathroom.

Place a few drops of essential oil on the cardboard tube of a roll of toilet paper before you place it on the holder.  You’ll have a fresh smelling bathroom that lasts the whole roll!

 21.  Remove indentations from carpeting.

Don’t you hate it when you move a piece of furniture and it leaves marks in the carpeting?  Simply place ice cubes along the marks and let them melt and dry.  Then, vacuum!  The carpet will spring back like nothing was ever there.

 22.  Use toothpaste to get the perfect marks for picture hanging.

I love to hang artwork and pictures in my home, but measuring to get them in just the right spot can be such a pain!  Try putting a dot of toothpaste on the frame where you need the nail, then press it onto the wall.  You know exactly where to put your nail and clean up is a breeze!

 23.  Keep tape ends from sticking back to the roll with toothpicks.

Place a toothpick on the cut end of the tape so it doesn’t stick back down to the roll.  This makes it easy to use and you don’t have to waste tape by turning it over.

 24.  Use chalk to remove grease stains from clothing.

Take a piece of plain white chalk and rub it over the grease stains. The chalk will absorb the stains and launder them away when you wash the clothes, leaving perfectly clean clothing behind.

rubber band paint can

25.  Keep drips to a minimum when painting with a simple rubber band.

Place a wide rubber band across the opening to your paint can so you can rub the brush off on it and avoid drips.  When you are done, wipe it off, remove it and let it dry for the next time.  You can easily peel the dried paint off and you’re ready to go again.

What Household Tips Do You Use?

How simple are those tips?  And they all work wonderfully to save you time and money.  What tips do you use at home to make life easier?  Post them here!


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  1. So many of these tips have me saying ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ Genius!

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