5 Back to School Issues Kids & Parents Face

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back to school issues

5 Back to School Issues Kids & Parents Face

Back to school issues seem to come up every year, yet they tend to get overlooked when parents prepare for back to school.  Parents are pretty good about getting the typical things covered. They get the school clothes and stock up on school supplies. The get the paperwork in order and arrange for transportation and after school care when needed. Kids, however, have a whole different set of problems on their minds. Here are five that might have slipped mom and dad’s attention:

Spooky Locker Rooms

If you have kids that are moving into a grade where locker rooms and changing clothes are involved, they are likely going to be nervous about that. This is one of the Back to School Issues that can generally be resolved by a good talk with them about it.  If you can and assure them that all the other kids will be nervous as well, this may set their mind at ease.  Explain to them what to expect and how it will work.

Changing classes

Generally, kids start changing classes when they move to middle school and that is a huge culture shock to new students.  This is one of the Back to School Issues affecting my 7th grader this year.  Most kids are used to being in one or two classes tops. Talk to your kids about that and explain to them that the teachers will be helping out. Also, take them to the school prior to the start of the year to acclimate them to the layout and where they will be going.  I have to say, that this year, I was more nervous about this than she was.  There were 6 different class changes she would need to make at a new school.  Would she find the classrooms?   Would she be tardy?  Would she be wandering around after the bell had sounded and nobody there to help?  I am glad that NONE of that happened.  She has had 2 successful days and we look forward to a full school year of happy successes.

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New friends/enemies

Another one of the Back to School Issues for kids is relationships. New friends and old friends alike are all going to be nervously getting to know one another again. It helps to make sure some of the kids stay social with yours over the summer. If not, then make sure your kid knows how to make friends. Practice at the park and with each other. Bullies are also going to be on their minds as well in all probability and it is important that they understand what to do. If they face bullies, make sure they communicate with you about it. How do you do that? By talking to your kid every single day. If you are there for them, they will come to you most of the time when things go wrong.

Bus fears

Another common fear among students is bus riding. The ride itself is no problem, but climbing onto a bus with a bunch of strangers is not easy. Again, it helps if they have a friend to get on the bus with or brother or sister. If not, then encourage them to get to know the kids at their bus stop.

Gaining a voice

Learning to speak up and out is the biggest fear for students in school. The don’t want to be made fun of and they certainly don’t want to be bullied. That said, they often sit in their chairs and don’t speak out. They don’t answer questions and participate in class. They don’t join clubs where public speaking or putting themselves out there will be a risk. If you feel your child is having such problems, it is absolutely vital that you work with them on it. Enrolling them in a dance class or something social outside of school can often do the trick. Get them into a club that is in line with their interests and you will start to see that passion build up to the surface. Most of all, engage them regularly with ideas and tasks that require things they fear. As a parent, you can do it in the safety of your home. Eventually, they will gain the confidence to do it at school as well.

Thinking like your kid is vital to their emotional well being in school and facing all the Back to School Issues you may encounter. When this school year starts, what worries do you have for them? What worries do you think they have? Do those worries match? Discuss it down below in the comments.

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