Adoption: Beauty in Sacrifice

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Adoption: Beauty in Sacrifice

Just over 12 years ago, we were startled by a call.  It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and Jerome and I were just laying around being lazy watching TV.  I will never forget the moment that I received the call.  It was a call that changed my life forever. I answered the phone and on the other end was Sue (a friend of ours).  Her granddaughter, Kendal, was pregnant and in trouble.  She wanted to give her baby up for adoption but only if Jerome and Lessie would adopt the baby.  So how did we get chosen by this 17 year old sweetie?  Well, let’s back up in the story.

When Kendal and her siblings were younger, we tried to spend as much time with them as possible.  Jerome and I couldn’t have kids and had tried since we got married to have kids.  It was always very important to us to have a family full of kids.  Well, about 5 years into the marriage, it became painfully obvious that fur babies were going to fill our life.  So, we tried to be available to those that had kids and just needed a babysitter.  It was a great way to fill our home with the laughter and playfulness of kids.  Kendal and her siblings were part of this time in our life.

This love we showed to other peoples’ children must have made a lasting impact on Kendal.  Because, even though she had been away from us for a few years, she still thought of us when she got pregnant.  That brings us back to the day we got that call.  WOWSER!  Talk about honored.  But, we weren’t certified to adopt.  And besides, I had grown accustomed to the idea that we would be childless.  I had even picked out a really cute 2-seater sports car that I wanted to pick up.  I even decked out the “Play Room” with a pool table, dart board and full bar.  What is this about a baby now????

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Back to that incredible phone call…On the other end of the phone was Sue.  She said, Kendal wants to come stay with you until the baby is born.  My first reaction… ABSOLUTELY!!! ….  I am not sure if that is what came out of my mouth, but that was my first thought.  Then I remembered, oh wait…I should probably talk to Jerome about this!  I was shocked that there was no hesitation at all…he said “Get her out here”.  A day and plane ride later, here she was.  Here was Kendal, barely showing at 4 months pregnant and exactly as beautiful as I remember her.

She was leaving a bad situation with virtually no clothes or possessions of her own.  We had a shopping spree and I loved every second of it.  It was like having my first daughter back (even though she told me all the time I was more like a big sister to her).  I guess you can’t turn the mommy instinct off…


After 4 and a half months with us, the time came for Rachel to be born.  I was so scared, happy, excited, terrified and many more emotions.  It was the most emotional time of my life.  In Arizona, the mother has 3 days to decide if they want to put the baby up for adoption before they can legally sign anything.  And then they have 3 more months to contest anything.  I always loved Kendal, from the moment I met her and always wanted the best for her.  In the end, she decided that Rachel was best with us and I received this beautiful gift of life. This bundle of joy would now be my child forever.  All due to the selfless act of the girl I feel was my first daughter….Kendal.

Adoption is a truly amazing process.  I am blessed to have been able to be part of it.

Adoption: Beauty in Sacrifice


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  1. Lessie I already knew you were pretty close to perfect but I cried as I read your love story. I know you were meant to be an angel on this earth. Thank you for letting me read a part of your story. It really does need to be a movie :) with such a beautiful ending…

    • LessieP says:

      Aw Laura Quite far from perfect…but I do love my adoption story. I love the ending the most…I have this wonderful gift that I get to cherish all my days on earth. Thank you for being so encouraging.

  2. Jeni bryant says:

    What a touching and beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing this!!!

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