Adorable Easter Chick Cupcakes

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Easter Chick Cupcakes


Adorable Easter Chick Cupcakes are Easy

These adorable Easter Chick Cupcakes are an easy way to bring smiles to faces. Cute little chicks made from candies are a great topper to your favorite frosted cupcakes.  You can even cheat if you like and buy frosted cupcakes at the store and add these little chicks.  Easter Chick Cupcakes are a great dessert for Easter or just to celebrate the return of spring and they make an adorable centerpiece, placed on a plate of grass. Or take them for a class party at school for a super cute treat the kids will love.

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Making Easter Chick Cupcakes

Easter Chick Cupcakes are easy to make with a few candies that are easily found at your favorite grocery store.  The head of the chick is a large lemon head or yellow gumball, set on the flattened side.  You easily make the face from some orange Starburst candies and melted chocolate chips.  Use your creativity to give them character and personality.  Place them on your favorite homemade or store bought cupcakes for a special treat.  Easter Chick Cupcakes are a great conversation starter, and a great way to show your family you love them with the adorable treat.

Adorable Easter Chick Cupcakes

Adorable Easter Chick Cupcakes


  • 24 large lemon heads (or yellow gumballs)
  • 1 Tablespoon mini chocolate chips melted (toothpick to apply)
  • 6 orange Starburst
  • 24 frosted cupcakes


  1. To create these cute little Easter Chicks you will need to first make the chicks. Unwrap your lemon heads, they are NOT perfectly round. They have one side that is more flat, that is where you want them to set so you can work on them and not have them roll all over the table.
  2. Unwrap the starburst, use a sharp knife to cut the four corners off, each one of these corners will now become the "beak" of your chick.
  3. Take your thumb and your pointer finger and press the triangle shaped piece of starburst onto the lemon head.
  4. You can then take the knife and cut the beak horizontal to make it look like it is open.
  5. To make the eyes, melt chocolate chips use a toothpick to dab melted chocolate above the beak to create eyes.
  6. Allow them to dry before you add them to the cupcake (only takes a minute or two).
  7. Frost your cupcakes, put your chicks on top and you have an adorable Easter Chick Cupcake.
  8. Tip: if you can not find large lemon heads you can use large yellow gumballs instead.

Making Easter Chick Cupcakes Ahead

It’s not advisable to make Easter Chick Cupcakes and then freeze them.  The candy doesn’t fare so well in the freeze/thaw process.  You can, however, make up the chick heads ahead of time and store them in a cardboard box for a few days, then place them on the cupcakes of your choice.  Pretty spring cupcakes with sparkles or ones that look like grass are adorable to place the heads on and make Easter Chick Cupcakes.  Any type of cupcake you use, you’ll have smiles on everyone’s faces when you serve Easter Chick Cupcakes.

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  1. These are so cute and make for a great holiday dessert. Thanks for sharing and linking up with us at the #WWDParty. Have an awesome weekend.

  2. The cupcakes look great.

  3. Your Easter Chick Cupcakes are adorable, a great creation! Hope you have a very special weekend and thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  4. Happier Than A Pig In Mud says:

    Adorable and such a fun idea! Happy Easter:@)


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