Apples Brats and Onions – An Easy Fall Favorite!

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Apples Brats and Onions

  Apples Brats and Onions for an Autumn Meal Fresh apples and onions are hitting the stores and farmer’s markets.  Autumn is finally here, and with it, beautiful produce.  I love fresh brats in the summer, but in the fall, they are fantastic in so many ways.  A while ago, I started simmering my brats with apples and onions, taking them from my backyard cookout to a fall favorite.  Now my family can’t wait for the first apples of the {Read More}

The $250 Neiman Marcus Cookies Recipe {Urban Legend}

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$250 Neiman Marcus Cookies

  $250 Neiman Marcus Cookies?  Seriously? There’s been an urban legend going around for as long as I can remember.  A woman and her daughter were eating lunch at a Neiman-Marcus in Texas, and ate the most remarkable chocolate chip cookie.  It was so good, she asked for the recipe, which the worker agreed to give to her for “two-fifty”.  Later in the month, she received a credit card bill for $250.  To get back at the store, the woman {Read More}

22 Back to School Lunchbox Ideas

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Back to School Lunchbox Ideas

  It’s Almost Time Again for Back to School Lunchbox Ideas! It seems like just yesterday that the kids were getting out of school, and now it’s time to go back.  With lots of school supplies to buy, kids to get organized, and schedules to memorize, who wants to think about lunches too?  ME!  We’ve rounded up the best Back to School Lunchbox Ideas, and also added a linky at the end so you can add your favorite recipes!  Let’s {Read More}

27 Fabulous Cookie Recipes Roundup

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Cookie Collage 1a

It’s back to school time and that means time for after school treats!  Here are 27 fabulous cookie recipes that will wow kids from 4 to 24.  They would make great surprises for care packages for kids going to college too!  The ideas are endless.  Here are our favorites, in no particular order: 1.  Brown Butter Pecan Cookies by Jen’s Favorite Cookies 2.  Caramel Appledoodles by Life and Kitchen 3.  Cream Cheese Meltaways by Alida’s Kitchen 4.  Vanilla, Almond, Preserved Lemon Ghriba by MarocMama {Read More}

36 Enticing Pasta Recipes Round Up

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Pasta 1a

  Pasta is a staple food for many families.  It’s a great inexpensive way to feed a crowd, but pouring a jar of plain old pasta sauce over the top gets boring after a while.  So, I’ve rounded up 36 recipes that will take your pasta from everyday to fit for company!  As I’m looking over all of the recipes, I have a list of them in the order I’m going to make them in.  Check them out.  I’ve put {Read More}

Homemade Slime

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  Homemade Slime: Easy to Make and Fun to Play With! I remember as a kid, loving to play with Slime.  The squishy feel, the odd noises it made, just about everything about it.  I remember getting it as a special treat, for Easter, or maybe if I got really good grades.  When I found out I could make it at home for my kids, I was ecstatic!  Not only was it easy and fun for them to make, it was a {Read More}

25 Amazing Household Tips

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25 Amazing Household Tips

25 Amazing Household Tips Sometimes you happen upon something that makes your life so much easier.  When it’s around the house, it’s a small miracle.  I’ve scoured the internet, looking for things I can use around my home that make cleaning and organizing easier to take care of.  Here are the 25 ways I found that actually worked for me and I have incorporated into my toolbox of tricks.   Storage Household Tips 1.  Use empty toilet paper rolls to {Read More}

Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Spring Cleaning 2

Start off Right with Spring Cleaning Spring Cleaning has always been a time in my family of airing out the house, deep cleaning every room, and bringing in the beauty and freshness of spring.  It’s hard work, no doubt, but it doesn’t have to be boring or tedious.  Take a weekend, use some of these simple tips and tricks, and clear your space of tired, stale air and lingering grime. General Spring Cleaning 1.  Gather all your supplies before starting. {Read More}

Fluffy Bunny Tails Snacks Craft

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Fluffy Bunny Tails Snacks

Cute Fluffy Bunny Tails Snacks for the Kid in You Spring is finally here and with that brings Easter.  Make Fluffy Bunny Tails  Snacks as an adorable craft with or for your kids that you can place in their lunchbox or have ready for their Easter baskets!  It’s simple, absolutely cute as can be, and fairly inexpensive, especially if you have a dollar store near you.  Fluffy Bunny Tails Snacks are a great way to bring a smile to a {Read More}

Adorable Easter Chick Cupcakes

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Easter Chick Cupcakes

  Adorable Easter Chick Cupcakes are Easy These adorable Easter Chick Cupcakes are an easy way to bring smiles to faces. Cute little chicks made from candies are a great topper to your favorite frosted cupcakes.  You can even cheat if you like and buy frosted cupcakes at the store and add these little chicks.  Easter Chick Cupcakes are a great dessert for Easter or just to celebrate the return of spring and they make an adorable centerpiece, placed on {Read More}

DIY: Pretty Little Butterfly Snacks

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Pretty Little Butterfly Snacks

Pretty Little Butterfly Snacks for Spring Pretty Little Butterfly Snacks are the perfect spring gift for your little ones!  With simple things like a plastic zipper bag, chenille stems, and the snack or candy of your choice, you’ll have these Pretty Little Butterfly Snacks done in a jiffy!  They make a great takeaway at parties or a cute item tucked in a school lunch with an encouraging note. You can put any small item in these too.  Raisins, fruits, crackers, {Read More}

Adorable Egg Diorama Craft

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Adorable Egg Diorama

Adorable Egg Diorama Crafts for Everyone Easter crafts are fun not only to make, but also to give as gifts to family, friends, and neighbors. All you need is a quick trip to the dollar or craft store, and you’ll have everything you need to make an Adorable Egg Diorama.  I picked up some paper mache eggs (which surprisingly had a plastic interior) and foam Easter stickers for this craft.  I had some acrylic paints at home, as well as {Read More}

Tie Dyed Easter Eggs ~ A Great Holiday Craft for the Family

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Tie Dyed Easter Eggs Main

Tie Dyed Easter Eggs ~ Bring Out the Shaving Cream! I love coloring eggs, not only at Easter, but year round.  It’s a fun craft to do with kids, and now, it’s even more fun with shaving cream!  Why color eggs with just one color when you can make Tie Dyed Easter Eggs?  They are simple and fun, and a bit messy, which makes them all the more fun. A Few Tips and Tricks for Tie Dyed Easter Eggs Instead {Read More}

Peanut Butter Easter Eggs ~ A Great New Tradition!

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Peanut Butter Easter Eggs Main

  Traditional Peanut Butter Easter Eggs Made Easy Peanut Butter Easter Eggs are one of those traditional treats during the Easter season.  But why buy them from the store when you can have a fun afternoon with your kids making these delectable treats?  Grab your favorite peanut butter, some cream cheese, and chocolate candy coating and make some memories. Creamy or Crunchy for Peanut Butter Easter Eggs? Well, that’s a good question for you!  If you like the peanut butter, {Read More}

Candy Filled Yarn Eggs ~ Easter Perfection!

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Candy Filled Yarn Eggs Main

  Candy Filled Yarn Eggs are a delight for children, who wonder at how the candy could possibly be inside such a pretty treasure.  Adults love figuring out how you made them, but love getting the candy out as well.  Your secret is how easy they are to make! Candy Filled Yarn Eggs ~ Simple and Beautiful With a few simple items, you can make Candy Filled Yarn Eggs for your Easter celebration.  They are a great way to use {Read More}

Easter Crafts and Treats Round Up

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Easter Round Up 1 Edit

  Easter is soon going to be here and I have your quick guide to some easy crafts and ways to decorate your Easter eggs.  I even included my easy peasy way to bake your eggs hard instead of boiling them!  Surprise your kids with easy crafts they can help you with, and treat them with some Peeps Jello Cups!  There are so many fun things you can do at Easter. 1.  Hard Baked Eggs – Don’t boil those eggs! {Read More}

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