Ball Jar Banks ~ Labeling Your World

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Ball Jar Banks


Ball Jar Banks ~ Labeling Your World

It’s a secret I love everything with labels.  I label things in my pantry, in my craft room, and just about everywhere I can get away with it.  So recently when I needed a jar with a label to be a bank for vacation I grabbed a handy dandy Ball jar, some paper, and spray paint and I was off.  Ball Jar Banks are easy to make, can be used for just about any purpose and make fantastic gifts.  And though it’s still summer, Christmas is just right around the corner.  Ball Jar Banks make adorable gifts for anyone on your list, and they are great just have a few extra around the house for just-in-case gifts.

Ball Jar Banks Jar

What You Need and What You Need To Do for Ball Jar Banks


Clean ball jars





Spray paint (I love glossy for paint pens and chalkboard for chalk)

Paint pen/chalk



Photo paper in half and half of the label design that you like to use. Remember that you’ll have to tape it down securely so less fancy is better.

Ball Jar Banks Label

Cut out the center of the label set aside for another craft project.

Make Spirits Bright with

Wrap the label around the jar and tape the outside edges so the label is tight and there are little to no gaps.

Ball Jar Banks Taped

Spray the center of the label, taking care to follow the directions on the can of paint.

Ball Jar Banks Sprayed

Let dry at least 24 hours.

Remove paper and any residual tape.  If needed, clean up the lines with the tip of a razor blade.

Ball Jar Banks Complete Label

Using the paint pen or chalk, write the intended contents of the jar.

Ball Jar Banks


Ball Jar Banks as Storage

You don’t necessarily have to use Ball Jar Banks for money!  A bank can store all kinds of things.  I love to use Ball Jar Banks for rice, beans, and any other dry goods in my pantry.  I set up different Ball Jar Banks for different funds I’m going to need, such as vacations, projects, and a gift fun so I’m not worried about birthdays I’ve forgotten.  There are an unlimited number of ways you can use Ball Jar Banks!

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