Bare Autumn Trees – Paper Bag Trees

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Bare Autumn Trees Paper Bag Trees

Bare Autumn Trees – Paper Bag Trees

These cute Bare Autumn Trees (Paper Bag Trees) are not only adorable, but Kid Friendly.  I made these trees with my girls.  They had so much fun and of course it was a great way to pass the time and get a little mommy/daughter conversation going.

The first step is to use a regular paper bag, lay it out flat (folded) and cut 1 inch cut strips from the opening end to about 2/3rds the way down.  Be careful not to cut the bottom of the bag.  If you go so far as to cut the bottom of the bag, you have gone too far.

Then, gently reach in between the shreds and open the bag so that the bottom can serve as the base of the tree.  Grip the bag just below the shredded area and just above the flat bottom and twist.  This will give you the trunk.  Don’t worry if that keeps coming untwisted.  It will be an easy fix at the end.

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girls Now for the fun part…Twisting.  Each strip that you cut on the bag needs to be twisted.  Twist it firmly, pinching along the way, so that the branch will have structure when you go to set up the tree.

Once they are all twisted, your Bare Autumn Trees (or Paper Bag Trees) are complete.  It just needs to be shaped how you want it.  Twist the trunk again, to make sure it is tight.  Pull on the twisted branches and place them how you want them on your tree.

We also scattered some leaves around (granted these leaves are WAY too big to have come from our tree).  You could make leaves from construction paper and place those around, maybe even have a few placed ON the tree with  glue.  Not too many on the tree, after all, these are Bare Autumn Trees.  :)

I am always looking for more crafts to do with my girls that are CHEAP and easy.  What are some of your favorites?

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  1. These are so neat. I love these. Pinned!!

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