Beautiful Ice Globes for Any Occasion

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Ice Globes

Ice Globes in the Cold Weather

I’ve seen these Ice Globes on a number of facebook memes, and I had to try them.  There are so many creative ways to make them, from just plain ice to colored, and I’ve even seen people freeze little flameless tealights into the bottoms to light them up at night.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have any little tealights, but I did have a lot of balloons and food coloring, so I set about to make a few of these in the chilly weather.  I thought they’d make a beautiful addition to the yard, bringing a little bit of bright color to the snow that’s settled in.

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Making Ice Globes Easily

I started with 12 inch helium balloons.  They were nice and thick, and held up as the Ice Globes froze.  I used a simple liquid food coloring to add a bit of color to the ice.  And of course, water!  There are a couple of tricks to filling a good water balloon that I’ve found over the years.  Since the whole purpose is to freeze these, use cool or cold water so it freezes faster.  To assemble the balloons to freeze, place a few drops of food coloring in the balloon, then stretch the mouth of the balloon over the bottom of your faucet.  Hold the balloon on the faucet so that you don’t get water everywhere.  Once the balloon is comfortably full, hold it by the neck and slowly remove it from the faucet.  I hold it both low on the neck and high, so that water doesn’t come streaming out.  Tie a knot in the neck and place the balloon in a muffin tin to hold it upright.  Pretty simple, huh?  Once you have all the balloons filled, place them outside, if it’s cold enough, or in the freezer and let them freeze as solid as possible.  (Mine didn’t freeze completely, possibly because of the food coloring I used.)  This could take a while because of how much water is there.  When the water is frozen, cut the balloon to remove it and you have beautiful Ice Globes to decorate the outside of your home.  Just remember: whatever these melt on, the food coloring will stick to, so be careful around rocks, masonry, and any other outdoor decorations you have.

Ice Globes Collage

How to Use Your Ice Globes

There are so many ways you can use Ice Globes in your decorating.  Add them to pools in the summer for a cooling bobble.  You can freeze greenery and berries in it for a Christmasy look that you can place on a table in a bowl.  Beautiful arrangements can be made with a few items from around the house for any occasion.  Just look around and see what you have available and stretch the balloon to fit around it before filling with water.  You’ll have beautiful Ice Globes for every event you can think of having.


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