CampusBookRentals: Help “Give a Child a Smile”

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campus book rentals

CampusBookRentals: Help “Give a Child a Smile”

It is BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!  Those college text books can get REALLY pricey.  There are ways to get around these prices, you can buy used, you can rent or you can borrow.

If you are checking out your options, you should check out Campus Book Rentals. You can rent text books for a fraction of the cost of buying them! I checked the prices on some more popular books.  One in particular was priced at $125 in the college book store, but could be rented for just $16!  That is a crazy huge difference!!

And, don’t worry that renting the book means that you won’t be able to highlight or underline when studying, You can totally highlight or mark passages as you use the book with no additional fees. PLUS shipping to you and return shipping are both free. Head over to check out Campus Book Rentals and see if it’s a good way for your family to save on education expenses.

Campus Book Rentals even has a new program called RentBack. It is very easy to use. So, when it comes time that those books that you own aren’t needed anymore, you can rent it out.

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1. Go to and search for the book(s) you want to get rid of
2. Print a FREE shipping label and mail your book to
3. They post your book(s) for others to rent
4. When your books get rented you get PAID
5. Your books get mailed back to
6. Each time your book(s) get rented you get paid. It’s a never ending cycle

operation smile

And And as though that isn’t reason enough to check them out, they also are a supporting company of the non-profit organization Operation Smile! Since 1982 this amazing non-profit has performed over 200,000 surgeries to repair cleft lips of children in third world countries.

When you use Campus Book Rentals, not only are you saving money you are also helping to support this amazing cause. Campus Book Rentals donate a portion of their proceeds to Operation Smile. You can check out this organization’s website for more details and to find more ways to help support these beautiful children!

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