Candy Filled Yarn Eggs ~ Easter Perfection!

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Candy Filled Yarn Eggs are a delight for children, who wonder at how the candy could possibly be inside such a pretty treasure.  Adults love figuring out how you made them, but love getting the candy out as well.  Your secret is how easy they are to make!

Candy Filled Yarn Eggs ~ Simple and Beautiful

With a few simple items, you can make Candy Filled Yarn Eggs for your Easter celebration.  They are a great way to use up scraps of yarn, embroidery floss, or string that you don’t want to throw away.  I always have bottles of half full glue saved from years of sending new ones at the beginning of the school year.   Water balloons make the perfect frame for your eggs, stuffed with small, wrapped candies.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Candy Filled Yarn Eggs

Make up a few Yarn Eggs in a variety of colors to fill bowls to make beautiful eye-catching decorations for the spring.  You can even put them around the house, tucked on bookshelves and window sills as sweet little reminders of Easter and Spring.  For an all-year decoration, make them from round balloons and decorative colors that match your home.  You can leave a bowl of them out, or string them like garland around doorframes or mirrors.  At Christmas, make them into ornaments for the tree.



Candy-Filled Yarn Eggs Materials

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Water balloons

Yarn scraps

White glue

Small wrapped candies



Stretch out the balloons a little bit and fill with the candies before blowing up and tying off.

Candy-Filled Yarn Eggs Balloons

Pour glue into a small bowl and pull the yarn through it to wet it.  With your fingers, squeegie the excess glue off the yarn.  It should be pretty wet, but not dripping.

Wrap it around the balloon, in every direction, making sure to leave an opening large enough that you can prick the balloon and pull it out.  Continue to run the yarn through the glue as you get to dry sections.

Candy-Filled Yarn Eggs Wrapped

Once the balloon is wrapped as you want it, set it aside to dry.  This could take a day or two, depending on your yarn.

When the yard is completely dry and stiff, pop the bottom of the balloon.  If it wraps around your candy, simply snip it in the middle with small scissors.  Pull the balloon out and you have a beautiful little egg filled with candy.

Candy Filled Yarn Eggs as Gifts

These Yarn Eggs make for a wonderful craft for kids that they can give as gifts.  Let them get all gluey and wrap the yarn.  It’s good fun that’s easy to clean up, and the kids can be proud of their art.  Grab the balloons and candy and make some Candy Filled Yarn Eggs today!




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  1. Billy Gargaro says:

    We tried this, but we could not get the candy in the balloon. It would not stretch over even the smallest piece. What type of balloon did you use?

  2. Definitely trying this! I am excited to do it for my child but the Easter egg hunt we participate with the family as well. Every year we bring plain plastic eggs with one or two special ones – maybe a car egg or one with camo. This will be it for me this year! The kids are going to love it! Thanks!

  3. I love the idea of putting candy in the eggs. I made similar ones this year, but my ballons stuck to the yarn :( But yours look perfect.

  4. What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing, stopping by from Crafty Confessions :)

  5. love! I can’t wait to try this with my kiddos.

  6. Terrific ideas! Please share it on Creative Crafts Thursday,, and any of your favorite projects each and every week!

  7. Great idea~ I used to make Easter Baskets like that with Bigger Balloons

  8. Cool idea!

  9. Very pretty!

  10. How cute! We’ll have to try it.

  11. How fun these would be in their baskets Easter morning! I had better get busy – I love that this can be a do-ahead treat.
    (stopping by from wfmw)

  12. Keely Hostetter says:

    I love it!!!! Such a great idea. Making these for sure.

  13. Rosemarie Weyer says:


  14. Cute idea!


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