Incredible Garlic Loaded Kale Chips

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Garlic Loaded Kale Chips

Easy Garlic Loaded Kale Chips Garlic Loaded Kale Chips are one of those snacks that you’ll wonder how you lived without them.  I used to buy a brand simply called Brad’s.  They have several flavors, but I’m a sucker for garlic, so their Vampire Killer was my favorite.  Crunchy, garlicky, and actually good for you, Garlic Loaded Kale Chips are super easy to make with healthy ingredients.  If you like Brad’s, this version is similar, costs less, and they are {Read More}

Pizza Pull Apart Bread

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Pull Apart Pizza Bread

  Pizza Pull Apart Bread as Dinner or a Snack Pizza is one of those universal foods that everyone seems to really love.  Toppings vary widely, but the base of dough, sauce, and cheese brings people together.  Pizza Pull Apart Bread is a great variation on the typical pizza pie, and makes not only a fabulous dinner, but a great appetizer or snack too!  You can adjust the toppings to whatever you love best and make Pizza Pull Apart Bread {Read More}

Meatless Monday: Mini Pizzas

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Pizza Time

Everyone loves a good pizza.  But if your house is like mine, everyone loves a different type of pizza.  So, I came up with a way to make pizza that everyone can make their own, and we can have a great meal with minimal fuss.  There are two ways you can make this.  The first is with an easy to make homemade dough.  The second is fast and easy, using canned biscuits as the dough.  Either way you make these, {Read More}

Meatless Monday: Fast & Easy Minestrone

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Winter to me is a good pot of soup, crusty bread, and a cool night.  This fantastic soup is easy, fast, and also full of great vitamins and nutrients that we aren’t getting enough of in this fast food world.  Start this soup when you get home from work, or after the kids get home from school and it will be ready by dinner time. Ingredients: 2 carrots, washed and cut into rounds 2 ribs celery 6 cloves garlic 1 {Read More}

Meatless Monday: Bean Stew

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Bean soup

One of the first things I learned to make as a kid was bean soup.  My family had it so many ways, I never realized how many soups started with a simple dry bean.  They are inexpensive, super easy to store, keep forever, and are even easier to cook. When you go to your local supermarket, you’ll probably find lots of choices.  Split peas, kidney beans, navy beans, great northern beans, butter beans, lima beans, and garbanzo beans, just for {Read More}

Meatless Monday: Aglio e Olio (Pasta with Garlic and Oil)

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  Growing up, I spent a few dinnertimes at my best friend’s house.  Her great-grandmother, who had come over from Italy during the late 1800’s, lived with the family, and many times, dinner revolved around something from the “homeland”.  This meatless dish was something that they loved, and I’ve made for my family as well.  Not only is it meatless, but it’s also inexpensive, and according to articles that have been in the news, it seems to contain quite a {Read More}

Meatless Monday: Tofu and Eggplant Parmesan

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Plated Dish

I was looking for a great way to use tofu in a new way and one day as I was making eggplant parmesan for my family, it struck me.  Why not slice tofu, squeeze it dry, and bread it like the eggplant?  So, of course I tried it, and it was amazing!  Now, if I serve it as just eggplant parmesan, my kids are upset the tofu is missing!  Try this with your family.  Even if they don’t like tofu, {Read More}

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