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coldbrew1Cold Brew Coffee – Perfect Coffee Anytime

I love coffee.  Ok, so seriously, most of us like to have our caffeine fix, but I LOVE coffee.  I love the flavor.  I love it hot, cold and any way in between.  I like coffee black, with cream, with cream and sugar, with flavorings….you get the idea, I love coffee.

Seeing as I have this love of coffee, you can probably now appreciate that I own no less than 6 different coffee makers.  I am probably forgetting a couple.  I have a KCup maker, a drip coffee maker, a french press, a stove top espresso maker, an electric espresso maker and a combo Bunn coffee maker that will make either KCup, Pod coffees or grounds.  Yet, I am about to tell you about a method for making coffee that needs no coffee makers at all.  Crazy, right?

Cold brew coffee came into my life a year or so ago.  But I have been making it myself for the past month or two and have fallen in love.   What is Cold Brew Coffee?  It is just as the name describes, you just add coffee ground to cold water and keep it cold for 12-24 hours to steep.  Much like sun tea, that steeps over many hours without boiling water, the flavors are extracted from the coffee grounds by just sitting in the water.  Many of the flavor compounds (and the caffeine) that are in coffee are water soluble.  This means that they don’t need heat to be extracted, they will just simply dissolve in the water, if given enough time.  Heat is what tends to make coffee bitter and acidic.

There is also research that suggests that because the coffee grounds have steeped in the water for such a long period of time, there is actually more caffeine left in the final product.  Who wouldn’t like a bit more kick from their cup of joe in the morning?


So, here is how I make my cold coffee:

1/2 gallon Ball Mason Jar
1-1/2 cup fresh ground coffee
Room Temperature Filtered Water to fill the jar

Add the coffee grounds to the jar, fill with the filtered water and place the top on the jar.  Shake a little to make sure that all the coffee grounds are wet.  Place the jar in the fridge for 12-24 hours.

Now to filter…this is where you can do it many different ways.  Some people use 3-4 layers of cheese cloth to line a fine strainer and pour the grounds/water mixture over this until they have successfully strained the coffee.  I have found it very easy to empty the grounds/water mixture into a french press coffee maker and press the plunger down.  Since I don’t have a very large french press, I do that process in 2 batches.  But it is very quick and easy.

Place the filtered coffee back into a large canning jar and keep refrigerated.  The great thing is that this mixture will stay as fresh as day 1 for weeks.  Enjoy!



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  1. Judy Gregory says:

    I’ve used a Toddy maker for over thirty years. It’s basically a bucket, a carafe. and a half inch thick piece of felt for straining. Although, the extract will only keep in the fridge for about a week, it will keep in the freezer for months. Pour it into ice cube trays then transfer to ziplocs. Just use the number of cubes per cup to get the strength you want. Experiment with flavors. Example, 2 cubes of chocolate almond flavor with 1 cube of coconut makes almond joy coffee.

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