Cool Summer Drinks Roundup 33 Recipes (and Linky too!)

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Cool Summer Drinks Roundup

It is so HOT out there!  I can hardly believe how hot and humid it is around here.  I have gathered recipes from friends and fellow bloggers for some AWESOME Cool Summer Drinks.  These are perfect to help keep you cool.  Some of these are cocktails and some are mocktails, but all are refreshing.
#1 – Raspberry Thyme Cocktail

#2 – Cherry Limeade Party Punch

#3 – Rosemary Lemonade

#4 – Strawberry Apple Fruity Loose Tea

#5 – Agave Watermelon Lime Vodka-Tini

#6 – Super Secret Special Lemonade

#7 – Lightened-Up Pina Coladas


#8 – Real Fruit Flavored No Sugar Lemonades

#9 – Blueberry Green Tea Cheap-o-chino

#10 – The Perfect Chocolate Martini

#11 – Frozen Peach Bellinis Made with Fresh Peaches

#12 – Cherry Sangria

#13 – Citrus Mint Spritzer

#14 – Blood Orange Margarita Cocktail

#15 – Easy Cherry Limeade

#16 – Best Ever Strawberry Daiquiris


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#17 – Frozen Hot Chocolate

#18 – Jalapeño Margaritas

#19 – Homemade Lemonade and Pioneer Lemonade

#20 – Black Cherry Soda

#21 – Jalapeno Lime Cooler

#22 – Slow Cooker Iced Thai Tea Concentrate

#23 – Homemade Vanilla Mocha Frappe

#24 – Lemon Ginger Mojito

#25 – Mock Champagne Punch


#26 – Mom’s Vacation Sangria

#27 – Strawberry Apple Fruity Loose Tea

#28 – Very Berry Fairy Water

#29 – Raspberry-Chia Cream Smoothie

#30 – Frozen Strawberry Basil Margaritas

#31 – Homemade Iced Coffee

#32 – Salted Caramel Milkshake

#33 – Strawberry Lemonade


With so many delicious recipes, how will you stay cool this summer?

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So, now it is your turn to share your recipes…Just link up below:

Cool Summer Drinks Roundup


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  1. Thanks for including my Frozen Strawberry Basil Margaritas in the roundup! This is an AMAZING collection of summer drinks. I am now set for the rest of the summer haha! Thanks for putting it together!

  2. Thanks for sharing some of my drinks with your readers. So fun! All of these look so refreshing!

  3. Homemademginder ale… made from real ginger!!!

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