Craft Time: Mason Jar Glitter Globes

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Mason Jar Glitter Globes

Mason Jar Glitter Globes for Gifts or Decorations

I’m always on the hunt for new crafts to make, and when I can make them with the kiddos, it’s even better.  Mason Jar Glitter Globes are simple and inexpensive, and they make wonderful gifts and decorations.  My kids had a blast making them, and if you are part of a scouting troop, they would make a great project.  All it takes is a mason jar (wide mouth work best), some little trees that you can find in the “Christmas Village” section of any craft or dollar store, glitter, and some glue.  In minutes, you’ll have beautiful Mason Jar Glitter Globes ready for giving.

Simple Instructions for Mason Jar Glitter Globes

The instructions are simple for Mason Jar Glitter Globes, and these globes have a lot of potential for fun.  Try different glitters and decorations for inside the jars for different looks, or decorate the lids with ribbons for a fancy finish.  Walk through your favorite craft store for ideas and always check out the miniature sections where they have the village of the season.  Dollar stores often have miniature things too, which will give you a great savings.  If you want a clear jar with no “Ball” writing on it for your Mason Jar Glitter Globes, check in the craft store for those as well.  You have to purchase them individually, but you can get smooth jars, and sometimes even plastic ones for smaller children to play with.  If you like, you can seal the jar with a small amount of a two part epoxy, which can be found in any hardware section.



Wide mouth Mason (or other) jars

Assortment of miniature trees

3 T glitter per jar

glue gun & sticks



Place the lid interior face up on the table and arrange your trees and decorations.  Make sure the jar will fit over them.

Mason Jar Glitter Globes Materials

Heat the glue gun and glue the decorations to the lid.

With the jar right-end up, place the glitter in the bottom.

Mason Jar Glitter Globes Glitter

Add the lid and seal.

Flip over for a glittery fun time!


Mason Jar Glitter Globes for Any Season

Try making Mason Jar Glitter Globes for fall by using trees used in Halloween displays with gold, red, and orange glitter.  Or in the spring, check out the Easter miniature displays for things you could use.  There are so many ways you could change Mason Jar Glitter Globes!


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