DIY: Pretty Little Butterfly Snacks

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Pretty Little Butterfly Snacks

Pretty Little Butterfly Snacks for Spring

Pretty Little Butterfly Snacks are the perfect spring gift for your little ones!  With simple things like a plastic zipper bag, chenille stems, and the snack or candy of your choice, you’ll have these Pretty Little Butterfly Snacks done in a jiffy!  They make a great takeaway at parties or a cute item tucked in a school lunch with an encouraging note.

You can put any small item in these too.  Raisins, fruits, crackers, nuts, whatever your child loves to munch.

Materials PLBS


Zipper bags

chenille stems

treats: candy, fruit, nuts, crackers, etc




Take two chenille stems and fold them in half.  Pinch and twist the bottom half inch to make a tail.  Set aside.

Antennae PLBS

Place the treats in the zipper bag.  Press out all the air and seal.

Filled Bags PLBS

Make Spirits Bright with

Separate the treats into two “wings” and pinch the bag together in the middle.

Slide the bag into the opening of the chenille body.  Wrap it around the top and twist until it holds tight.

Body Made PLBS

Curl the antennae around the pen and pull it gently out to create a ringlet.  Complete that with all the antennae.

Curling Antennae PLBS

Tuck that butterfly in a backpack, lunchbox, or anywhere your little one will find it.


Hiding Your Pretty Little Butterfly Snacks

Make it a game with your kids, or hide these along with your Easter eggs!  If your child’s school allows treats, make some up to take in for a party.  The kids will adore them!  You can even get your kids involved in making Pretty Little Butterfly Snacks.  Let them fill the bags, or twist the chenille stems, or whatever level of crafting they are!

Pretty Little Butterfly Snacks for Scouts

If your child is part of a scouting troop, this would be a great craft for them.  They could be donated to a woman’s shelter or taken to a retirement home for delivery to the residents.  What a great way to cheer them up with a treat and maybe even work on a badge or two!

Pretty Little Butterfly Snacks are an awesome way to show someone how much you care.  As a gift or a treat, they will put a smile on the recipient’s face and brighten their day.  Make up some Pretty Little Butterfly Snacks and watch the happiness spread!

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  1. Fun & sweet.

  2. My girl scout’s did something simialer to this recently. We put grapes on one side, and Annie’s Bunnies on the the other! Great idea for Easter too :)

  3. Keely Hostetter says:

    Very cute, my daughter would love this.

  4. Mary Ann Knox says:

    This is super cute! So simple, easy, & affordable too! I will definitely be using this idea for Easter!

  5. natalie andrews says:

    Simple and incredibly cute. Thanks for the great idea.

  6. These would be great for my daughters valentines for school. You could use heart bags and add a tag that says something like “you make my heart flutter”:)

  7. Frances Blagg says:

    very cute, & simple to do

  8. Jayme Hennessy says:

    I absolutely LOVE this idea. Thank you for sharing it.

  9. Tammy Hollar says:

    I love this idea and will be doing it. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  10. Tami Vollenweider says:

    These are so cute and easy to do!! I’m not that crafty of a person,but I could even do these!

  11. Vicki Hale says:

    Those are adorable! My Grandkids would love them. Thank you

  12. Love this!

  13. i will be doing this for the kiddos valentines :-)

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