Easy Microwave Turtle Cake

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microwave turtle cake

Microwave Turtle Cake

Microwave Turtle cake is one of my absolute FAVORITE desserts.  There are a couple reasons I love this cake so much.

The first is that it is so stinking easy and fast to make, that I don’t have to think about it ahead of time.  I just go make it when I want it.  In less than 5 minutes, I am dining on yumminess.

The second reason, is that it is portion controlled.  The recipe below makes enough for one full size dessert, or one dessert to share with a sweetie pie.

One tip, before we get to the recipe, I like to use the darkest, richest chocolate cake mix I can find.  I have tried this with a milk chocolate cake, a german chocolate cake and just a chocolate cake.  Those just don’t have the richness of the dark chocolate fudge cakes.

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Also, just a heads up, don’t try this with brownie mix.  Take it from me, it doesn’t work.

Microwave Turtle Cake Recipe

1/2 cup Cake Mix
1 teaspoon of vegetable or Canola Oil
2 Tablespoons or a little more Water
Whipped Cream, sliced almonds, caramel sauce and chocolate sauce for topping

Combine the cake mix, oil and water in a small bowl.  The mix should be thicker than normal cake batter, but not so thick that it holds it’s shape.  It should spread into the bowl when stirred.

Spray a microwave safe glass bowl (or large coffee mug) with non-stick cooking spray.  Pour cake batter into the prepared bowl and microwave for about 1 minute.  The top should be slightly glossy but there should be no wetness in the middle.  If it needs more time, add time in 15 second increments.

Remove from microwave and set aside for a couple minutes to cool down.

Top with Whipped Cream, Sliced Almonds (or pecans), Caramel Sauce and Chocolate Sauce.


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