Cleaning Out Your Pantry and Fridge

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Figure Friendly Pantry ~ Time to Organize!

I’ve read a lot of books on weight loss and about the only thing they agree on is your pantry and refrigerator.  You have to have healthy things in them if you want to put healthy things in your body.  I’m starting a new Friday feature, Figure Friendly Fridays, with recipes that will help you on your way to eating healthy.  But first, you need to have the right stuff in your Figure Friendly Pantry and Fridge!

Junk Food is Trashed in the Figure Friendly Pantry

There are certain things that are easy to grab as a snack.  Apples, bananas, yogurt, nuts, even some cheese or hummus make great snacks that you can have ready for whenever the urge strikes.  Notice there was no chips, candy, or snack cakes in that list.  I know, they taste great.  But have you ever looked at the “nutrition” panel on those things?  There’s nothing in them.  Sodium…which most people should limit.  Fat – there’s plenty of that.  But nothing that really nourishes your body.  So, let’s change that.  Get rid of all the chips, the leftover Halloween candy that your kids didn’t finish, and the snack cakes that really shouldn’t be considered food.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait.

Healthy Choices in a Figure Friendly Pantry

Figure Friendly Pantry

There are a few things I always keep on hand for meals and snacks.  Now, you may be thinking that your kids shouldn’t have to “diet”.  Well, this isn’t dieting to lose weight.  It’s changing your eating habits to be healthier in general.  Yes, you may lose weight, but you will definitely feel better when you take a lot of the prepackaged, can survive a nuclear war foods out of your diet.  In my Figure Friendly Pantry, I have beans of all types, dried, canned, and especially garbanzos.  Also known as chick peas, they make a fantastic hummus that you can dip your veggies or crisps in for a great snack or appetizer.

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Another item always in my Figure Friendly Pantry is whole grains.  Things such as oatmeal, barley, and corn grits can be made into many dishes that are amazing and filling, that are figure friendly.  I have an allergy to American wheat, so I don’t keep much wheat flour, but I do keep imported pastas, such as Barilla.  I stock up when it’s on sale, usually for about $1 a box, and that’s a great go to for my family.

A few other items that I always have on hand are canned tomatoes (either home canned or purchased at the store), olive oil (I buy it by the gallon), a variety of vinegars (white and red wine, white vinegar, rice, and fruit flavored red wine vinegars), quinoa (an herb seed that is like a grain or pasta), and lentils.  There are so many dishes that can be made from such a simple list of ingredients, all of them healthy from your Figure Friendly Pantry.

Healthy Choices in a Figure Friendly Fridge

Figure Friendly Refrigerator

Your Figure Friendly Fridge should be filled with similarly good morsels.  Fresh and aged cheeses, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and eggs should take precedence in your grocery cart every week.  Make sure you have quick to grab snacks right up front, like hard boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, and celery sticks.  They will make your snacking much healthier.

Make Your Life Figure Friendly

Clean out your pantry and your refrigerator.  Think of it as spring cleaning!  Get ready for some great Figure Friendly recipes coming up every Friday, made from everyday staples and maybe something new that you may not have tried before.  Figure Friendly doesn’t need to be tasteless.  You do need variety and flavor to maintain the Figure Friendly changes and that’s what we’re going to do!

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    Hello, I love your Figure Friendly Friday idea. Can you or will you be making a Pinterest board for this? I would really love to follow it if you make one. It would be easier to follow you that way. This is a great idea. Thanks!

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