Who Gets the Best You? 5 Ways to Improve Your Relationships

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Who Gets the Best You?

I have had a lot of personal things come up for me lately, and because of that, I have found myself giving co-workers, business partners and friends the best of me.  By the time my husband and kiddos get home, I am no longer ready to give them my best.  That has lead to more arguments and just a lot more unhappiness within the home.

I decided to share this personal story because I came to the conclusion that I personally need to make the decision to give my best to my husband and family.

How can we give our husbands (and family) the best?

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  1. Pray for him (and your family).  This seems so simple, yet it is so important.  Pray for your husband, for him to succeed, for him to grow closer to God and your family.  Anything that is stressing him out, bring it to God.
  2. Be happy for yourself.  Don’t wait for your husband or your family to make you happy.  Happiness is something you CAN choose for yourself.  Choose this day to be happy.
  3. Pour on the praise.  This is something that may take a little more effort, but totally pays off in the end.  Find something to praise.  It can be a little thing like just thanking them for doing the dishes.  But whatever it is, do it and do it consistently.
  4. Cook their favorite meal.  Jerome is always happy with my cooking, but some meals make him happier than others.  So, if it means I need to make a homemade pizza or hamburger, then that is what I need to do sometimes.  It is a way to say “I Love You” without words.
  5. And last but not least…Sex.  Yes, I know, wives and mothers are busy people.  We tend to do too much and then leave very little of ourselves for our partner.  But, sex is very important.  Remember, if you don’t feel close to your partner, having sex can help.  Yes, it really can.  I was told one time that Women have sex because they feel close to their man, and Men have sex because they want to feel close to their woman.  Makes perfect sense.  But, even if you don’t feel close to your man, sex can help.

Those are just the 5 that I think of when I think of giving the best me to my family.  You may have other ways, please share them with me in the comments.

Who Gets the Best You?  5 Ways to Improve Your Relationships

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