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Kitchen Gear

Getting Ready for Camping Season: Gathering Your Kitchen

Your camp kitchen is totally dependant on what type of cooking you are going to be doing while you’re camping.  I grew up with a family that used a camp stove almost exclusively, with a few dishes, such as baked potatoes, being cooked in the camp fire.  When I started taking my own kids camping, we rely more on the campfire for our cooking.  Each style has it’s own needs for the kitchen, but they are both wonderful ways to cook in the outdoors.

Campfire Cooking

When you enjoy cooking over the campfire, you need some heavy duty pans.  I love cast iron pans for this.  They can be placed directly into the coals, and you can even bake a cake in them.  Cast Iron is pretty versatile for camp and home use, and they last forever with a little bit of care.

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Camp Stove Cooking

Camp stove cooking is a bit more like cooking at home.  The pans are lighter weight, and you can control the heat a little bit more.  I love a Stainless Steel Family Cook Set
for camp stove cooking, and when I can find it in a mess kit, with everything included, I love it even more.  Light weight and designed to nest in the largest pan, a mess kit style set is great to conserve space, plus it contains dishes, cups, and sometimes silverware.

Odds and Ends for Your Camp Kitchen

There are a few odds and ends that you can fill in for your camp kitchen.  I get things at garage sales and dollar stores, which keeps my costs down, and also if something breaks, I’m not out much.



rubber spatula

stirring spoons

serving spoons

measuring cups

measuring spoons


can opener/bottle opener

paper towels

dish towels

2 dish tubs (wash/rinse)

plastic zippy bags

trash bags

hot pads

dish soap

aluminum foil

mixing bowls

cutting board(s)

sharp knives

A plastic bin with a tight fitting lid to put it all in

Organizing Your Camp Kitchen

Organization takes a bit of time when it comes to your camp kitchen.  I had a friend whose father made two wooden boxes, one for gear and the other for food.  It was perfect for their style of camping, which was out of a pop up camper.  I am a tent camper, so I find big plastic bins work best for me.  I can slide food bins back in my vehicle for storage at night, which keeps them away from little critter fingers.  Plus they are waterproof, just in case it rains.  Over time, you’ll develop the system that works best for you and your family.

Camping Fun for Family Time

Camping can be a really fun time for your family.  It’s a time to regroup, leave all the electronics behind, and reconnect.  I love to use family camping time to take walks in nature with the kids and show them things that I was taught through camping as a child.  Camping is a fun time and can create some amazing memories that last a lifetime.

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