Hand Decorated Gift Bags

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Hand Decorated Gift Bags


Hand Decorated Gift Bags for a Gift Within a Gift

I love giving gifts.  Little ones, big ones, and ones in between.  I try to make them as personal and heartfelt as possible, but what always gets me is the wrapping.  As a kid, I loved wrapping paper of all kinds.  It was fun to tear it all off to get to the mysterious insides.  As an adult, I still love the wrapping paper, but I think more ecologically, and oftentimes choose gift bags.  Lately, I’ve taken to making Hand Decorated Gift Bags for things I’m giving out.  I can personalize the designs, have fun not only in a wild moment of crafting, but also by bringing in my kids and letting them have fun in the process too.  It’s like getting a double gift!  The beautiful, thoughtful Hand Decorated Gift Bags, and what’s in them!  The nice thing about it is you don’t need to go buy a lot of things to make Hand Decorated Gift Bags.  Things that you have around the house make the perfect decorations!

What to Use on Your Hand Decorated Gift Bags

Anything you have laying around the house can be used on your Hand Decorated Gift Bags.  Markers (permanent ones work best), scraps of ribbons or fabric, paints, dried or silk flowers, even scraps of colored paper all can come together to make beautiful Hand Decorated Gift Bags.   Don’t forget glue (plain ol’ Elmers and hot glue work great) as well as any glitters or fun things to add like buttons!  Get creative and create Hand Decorated Gift Bags that not only express the sentiment of the occasion, but also reflect the personality of the recipient!  If you use craft paper bags with handles, which is my favorite, they are reusable for everything from a lunch bag to an all purpose carrying vessel, and will last for quite a while.

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Hand Decorated Gift Bags Materials


Scraps of ribbons, fabric, papers, etc

buttons, flowers, neat little tidbits

markers, paint

glues and tape

craft paper bags


Lay your bag on your work surface and place items on it, designing it out before using the glue and tape.

Working with the bottom-most layer, glue or tape each item by layer, until everything is adhered.

Allow to dry completely before using.

Hand Decorated Gift Bags for All Occasions

It’s really easy to customize Hand Decorated Gift Bags for whatever you need them for.  You can even have a crafting party with family, friends, or your scouting troop and make up oodles of bags for next to nothing.  I adore having friends bring over all their crafting stuff, so you can trade things and have a bigger pile of scraps to choose from for your bags.  You get a wider variety, and some really beautiful bags.  Next time you want to give a thank you gift, or for your favorite sister’s birthday, make Hand Decorated Gift Bags for your gifts and double the fun!

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