Homemade Croutons ~ Make the Crispy Bits at Home

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Farmer’s Market Bread to Homemade Croutons

I love farmers markets.  Not only can you get amazingly fresh veggies, but you can also get some amazing other items, like soaps, honey, and fresh baked breads.  You can find some really good deals and when you get to know your local vendors, sometimes you get even better deals.  At one of the markets I attend, I always get my bread from the same lady, who brings me her “mistakes”.  They could be something that didn’t rise perfectly, or maybe something that overbaked just a little.  The items are still edible, but not something she wants new customers to see or try as they aren’t her best.  These are the breads that I go for.  There are so many flavors you can make with them, and the savings can be incredible.  The breads are at least half price, making these breads perfect for Homemade Croutons at a substantial savings over bags from the store.

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Homemade Croutons: Bursting with Flavor

Choosing your bread is the most important part of making Homemade Croutons.  The flavor of the bread will be amplified in the final product, so choose a bread that you not only love the flavor of, but one that will be great with the salad you are looking at making.  Tomato Basil, any type of cheese, and herbed breads all make fantastic croutons that you’ll absolutely love.  Toasting the bread brings out the flavors, even the minute ones, so the croutons are a great compliment to your salad and they don’t overpower your other ingredients.

Homemade Croutons ~ Make the Crispy Bits at Home

Homemade Croutons ~ Make the Crispy Bits at Home


  • 1 loaf flavored artisan bread
  • 1/4 C olive oil


  1. Heat oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. Cut the bread into bite-sized cubes.
  3. Place in a bowl and toss with the olive oil to coat.
  4. Spread on a baking sheet, and toast in the oven , turning occasionally, until golden brown and crisp.
  5. Remove to paper towels and let cool.
  6. Serve over your favorite salad or in soups.

Save Money and Make Homemade Croutons

Homemade Croutons are easy to make, and can save you a lot of money at the grocery store.  Whether you buy your bread at the grocery store, a farmers market, or a local bakery, you can make delicious Homemade Croutons quickly and easily at home for less.  Plus, if you get to know your baker, you’ll know how they make their breads and what they put in them.  Fresh, wholesome ingredients will make the best Homemade Croutons you’ve ever had!

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