How You Can Help to “Give a Child a Smile”

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campus book rentals

If you have grown children or you yourself are getting ready for a new college semester, you know how expensive text books can be! My husband began college last year and I swear we pay more for a backpack of books than we do for our utility bills! It’s crazy how expensive they can be!

If you are in that same boat, you should check out Campus Book Rentals. You can rent text books for a fraction of the cost of buying them! I checked the price on a book that my husband paid $125 for last year and we could have rented it for only $16! That’s a crazy difference!

And you can highlight the pages and use the book as though you own it with no additional fees. PLUS shipping to you and return shipping are both free. Head over to check out Campus Book Rentals and see if it’s a good way for your family to save on education expenses.

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operation smile

And as though that isn’t reason enough to check them out, they also are a supporting company of the non-profit organization Operation Smile! Since 1982 this amazing non-profit has performed over 200,000 surgeries to repair cleft lips of children in third world countries.

When you use Campus Book Rentals, not only are you saving money you are also helping to support this amazing cause. Campus Book Rentals donate a portion of their proceeds to Operation Smile. You can check out this organization’s website for more details and to find more ways to help support these beautiful children!

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