Hurricane Preparedness Supplies Checklist

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hurricane preparedness checklist

Hurricane Preparedness

With the annual hurricane disasters that hit the US, having the proper supplies on hand has become extremely important. Not having the right thing set aside could mean the difference between your family surviving an onslaught or not. If huge storms have taught us anything, it is to be prepared when the weather turns harsh.

Here are some vital hurricane supplies that every family should have on hand if they live in a hurricane risk area:

Water and purification tablets - Generally speaking you will need one gallon for each person, each day. Experts say that you should keep a 7 to 10 day supply on hand. Water purification tablets are also important in case your supply is lost or damaged. Don’t forget Fido when you are putting water back.

Food – It is important to have about 7 days’ worth put away. Non-perishables such as canned goods are ideal but snack foods can be kept as well. Try to focus on foods that will give high nutrition in small packages that won’t go bad. Keep in mind any special needs situations such as family members with diabetes or hypoglycemia patients.

*Note – These are minimal amounts where food and water are concerned, obviously the more you can have put back for an emergency the better. You can’t have too much food and water in an emergency.

Cooking supplies – Ideally you will have a few pots to cook in or purify water in, a can opener that works by hand and paper products to eat and drink from. These are very important if everything washes away and are often forgotten. A small propane (camping) stove is a great item to have as well. In case the electricity or gas lines are damaged to your area, you will want something to warms items on.

Medicinal items – Bug spray, sunscreen, prescription meds, First Aid Kits, pain reliever, ace bandages and lotion are all important items to have in any emergency or a hurricane. Bug spray becomes extremely important when a hurricane has washed through. The bugs are stirred up and it is miserable without bug spray. Obviously, it can be hard to keep a separate supply of prescription meds and make sure they stay in date. So, my advice is to keep all your prescription bottles in ONE place. My parents used a soft sided cooler to keep their prescription bottles. At the time of an emergency, it makes it very easy to grab that bag and be prepared.

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Personal hygiene – Make sure you have baby wipes, waterless soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste, washcloths and towels at a minimum.

Communications – You simply must have a large supply of batteries of all sizes. These will be extremely useful in keeping you safe through communication about the hurricane’s progress. Make certain you have a weather radio that runs on batteries or better still, one that can work via crank. If you can pack up a small television that runs on batteries, that will be helpful as well. Obviously a cell phone with extra batteries will be helpful. Finally, make sure you have a couple of corded wall phones. Often they are the only ones that work in a power outage where no cell coverage can be had.

Tools – A complete tool box is a must, but you should also have a few specific side items. One of the most important things is a good, strong axe (We got a small camping axe for $10). This can be a matter of life and death to help you escape in a bad situation. Tarps, duct tape, trash bags, flashlights, duct tape and plenty of nails are all vital. Did I mention duct tape? Duct tape is the miracle tool that you should have at all times. A nice long strand of rope or chain can be helpful too.

Money – Make certain you have plenty of cash on hand. ATMs are not likely to be working and you will need it as currency if that happens. Not many folks are going to take a paper check in an emergency. Also keep important papers in a water tight container such as social security cards, birth certificates and the like. Also, make sure you put contact information inside in case the container gets away from you.

Comfort – All the things you might think fit in here. Pillows, towels, blankets, clothing, that special toy or teddy bear, books of special importance and even pictures you would not want to lose are all candidates if there is room.

Don’t forget your keys and papers to your home, cars and any other vehicles that you might own. These often get left behind and cause added expense to the owner when they are lost. Pack extra keys in the water tight container mentioned above and you will be covered.

Hurricanes are scary and they can certainly be dangerous to us. If we take the right precautions and prepare ahead of time, we can give ourselves a much better chance at minimizing the damages. Knowing what supplies to have on hand is a great start.

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