Organization Tips for Back to School

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Organization Tips for Back To School

Organization is almost vital, when the kids head back to school and the long days of summer begin to shorten. So many things come at us as parents that trying to do it without some planning and organization is nearly impossible. Here are some outstanding tips to make the transition easier for this coming school year:

Get to Bed Earlier

A couple weeks before your kids start back to school you should be getting ready for an earlier bedtime. A good strategy is to move bedtime back in increments of thirty minutes per week for the four weeks leading up to school (if you have that much time left). While most parents remember to do this, they also have to make certain that they get the kids up earlier too. Don’t forget the back end of the equation!

Write out a new morning routine

When school begins, you are going to need to have a routine in place. Think about everything that has to happen and have a schedule in place. Give each child a certain amount of time in the bathroom, a certain amount of time to get dressed and a time to sit down to breakfast. Once you have everything in place, then do it the same way every single morning for a couple of weeks during the summer to get started.

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Plan out your nighttime routines

Don’t even think of trying to do lunches, clothing choices and homework in the mornings. All of these things should be done on a schedule the night before. The kids should have their clothes laid out, lunches packed and book bags by the door before they lay down to sleep.

Organize a homework area

Everything your kids use for homework should be in one central location so that it is easy to get to. Make certain it is always returned to that spot when they finish with it. This area should have a spot to sit and do their homework. Additionally, they need a place to keep their backpack, book bags, coats and anything else they take to school daily. Having all of this in one spot makes it easy to see at a glance when something is being missed.

Set up your family calendar station

One of the best investments you can make is a dry erase board that can be hung somewhere prominent. Every single day, any messages, reminders, important events and appointments can be posted for all to see. This is an epicenter of family life that can ensure everyone is informed. Update this every single day.

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  1. It is good to plan lunches and clothing the night before. That way, you aren’t rushing in the morning to get your children off to school! It would be much easier for them to have everything ready the night before. That will ensure you have more time in the morning to get them ready and fed.

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