Repurpose Your Stockpile: Frames and Calendars

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Finished Frame


It never fails.  I usually forget a deadline or appointment or something every week or two.  As part of the New Year, I’ve vowed to get just a little more organized.  I’ve been working on carving out an office and helping my family get organized as part of the process.  As I was sitting down brainstorming one day, I realized that the one thing I really needed was a big calendar that I can see this month and what’s coming next month.  I remembered I had some big wooden frames in all my craft stuff in the basement.  And I always have paint.  Any highly smooth surface will work for dry or wet erase, so I set off to make inspirational frames and turn them into erasable calendars!



Wooden frames

Acrylic paints and paintbrushes

Sand paper or sanding block

Sharpie marker

Sealing glaze


Your imagination


Here’s what I did:

Don’t forget to cover your work surface with newspapers to protect it!

Paint a basecoat of folkArt’s Amish Blue and let it dry.

Amish Blue

Once dry, paint a coat of Ceramcoat’s Rainforest green and let it dry.

Rainforest Green

Once everything is completely dry, use a sanding block to rough up the paint and distress it, especially the edges and corners.  Clean the dust off the frame with a lightly damp towel and let dry completely.

Sanding Collage

Plan out your quote, lightly, with a pencil.  Write over it with the Sharpie.

Quoted Frame

Paint with the sealing glaze and allow to dry.

Insert your favorite blank calendar page and reassemble the frame.

Both dry erase and wet erase markers work on the glass or plastic.  Get to organizing!

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  1. Frances Blagg says:

    very cute, and i actully need to add this to the top of my diy list

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