Repurpose Your Stockpile: Wine Cork Stamp Valentines

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Wine Cork Stamp Valentines


Valentine’s Day is on its way, and what could be better than handmade wine cork stamp valentines?

I have a jar on my counter that I drop caps and corks into, with the promise of remembering the occasions that they celebrated, and a future craft that may happen.  Every once in a while, a neat idea comes up that I just have to try.  And if you don’t have any wine corks, stop by the nut and bolt section of your local hardware store.  Many times they have natural and rubber corks for sale.

My kids wanted to make some Valentines for some special friends of theirs, and as usual, I went for a potato to cut up and make stamps.  The jar caught my eye.  Why waste a perfectly good potato when I can make a stamp that is reusable?  Here’s a step by step on how to make these wonderful little stamps for any occasion!


Instructions for Wine Cork Stamp Valentines:

Stamp Materials



Xacto knife or razor blade

Stamping pads



1.  Draw your design on the cork.  Remember, little details might be hard to cut out, so keep it simple.

Stamp Drawing

2.  Cut the design from the top first, carefully making sure to make even, smooth cuts.

3.  Cut around the side of the cork to give your stamp depth.  Be careful to only cut as deep as your design is, or you could cut the whole end of the cork off.

Stamp Cutting

4.  Peel away the excess cork to leave your design.  Smooth out any edges that need it.

Stamp Heart

5.  Create beautiful, handmade cards for the special people in your life!

Use your imagination to come up with lots of uses for stamps besides wine cork stamp valentines!  Besides cards, you could have your children make homemade wrapping paper for special presents, stamp frames for pictures, or even fabric for a gift bag!  The ideas are endless!  Share some of yours in the comments!




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  1. cathy henatyszen says:

    great idea… never would have thought of it myself…

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