Repurposing Your Stockpile: Stale Peanut Butter

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Hanging Seed

Every once in a while, my kids go on a peanut butter kick.  That’s all they want to eat.  When that happens, I go couponing for great deals, or I make homemade peanut or other nut butter.  Invariably, I end up with peanut butter that goes stale, however.  Either the kids open more than one jar and I’m unaware of it, or I make far too much homemade nut butter.  I’ve tried it in cookies, but even there you can tell that it’s just not quite fresh.  I have found though that birds LOVE it.  So, to repurpose it, I make homemade nut cakes, slide them into the netting bags from citrus, and hang them outside.  And, it’s so easy, even kids love to do it!

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Stale nut butter


Net bag from citrus



Mix the nut butter to make it smooth.  Add enough birdseed to make the nut butter thick, but not so much as to make it crumbly.

Form into a ball and slide into the net bag.  Sometimes freezing it can make it firmer if your nut butter is too loose.

Tie the string around it so that there is a loop to hang the bag from.  Hang it with other bird feeders or from a tree branch and watch the birds flock to it.

Seed Cake


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