Simple Steak Salad

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Steak Salad

Steak Salad for an Easy Dinner

Summer is here and it’s the time of always being busy.  Steak Salad is an easy dinner that is perfect for nights when you only have a few minutes to get dinner on the table.  It’s easy to have dinner in a bowl with Steak Salad.  It works great with any salad fixings you have available, or your favorite tidbits, if you have to run to the store.  The dressing is up to you too!  I love Steak Salad with a homemade ranch or blue cheese dressing, but it goes equally as well with an Italian vinaigrette.  Steak Salad is versatile enough for everyone in your family to get exactly what they want, with the added protein of steak to make the salad a meal.

Marinating for Steak Salad

Steak Salad Steak

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I started with a skirt steak for my Steak Salad.  Any steak cut will do, even the toughest piece you can find.  By marinating it, you get a tender cut that is full of flavor, every time!  You can make a marinade out of many things, but my favorite is soy sauce or tamari, apple cider vinegar, and a bunch of minced garlic.  A quick mix of everything in a plastic zippy bag, toss in the steak, and seal it up.  An overnight in the fridge is all it takes for the steak to come out tender and with more flavor than you’d ever imagine.

1 lb steak
¼ C soy or tamari sauce
½ C apple cider vinegar
4 cloves garlic, minced
Your favorite salad fixings

Place the steak, sauce, vinegar, and garlic in a plastic zippy bag.  Mix to coat.
Place in the fridge overnight.
Grill or broil the steak to your liking.
Allow to rest 5 minutes on a plate or cutting board.
Slice the steak thinly and place on your favorite salad.

Unique Toppings for Steak Salad

There are a lot of things I love on a good Steak Salad, including berries, pecans, and even mango.  I think my favorite are cheese chips that I find in the produce sections, with other salad toppers.  They come in Parmesan and asiago varieties and are simply baked cheese.  They are a great alternative to croutons, especially for the gluten free crowd.  Cheese chips add a crispy texture and a rich flavor to any salad, including Steak Salad!

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