Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Spring Cleaning

Start off Right with Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning has always been a time in my family of airing out the house, deep cleaning every room, and bringing in the beauty and freshness of spring.  It’s hard work, no doubt, but it doesn’t have to be boring or tedious.  Take a weekend, use some of these simple tips and tricks, and clear your space of tired, stale air and lingering grime.

General Spring Cleaning

1.  Gather all your supplies before starting.  If you’re like me, once you wander off to get another supply, you find something else to clean and it takes a while to get back to what you were originally working on.

2.  Don’t forget old toothbrushes for tight corners and spaces!  They are invaluable tools to get spaces that your fingers and towels might not fit into.

3.  Try using natural cleaners, like white vinegar, baking soda, lemons, and enzyme cleaners.  They work great and freshen the house without adding harmful chemicals.  If you don’t like the scent of vinegar, try adding some essential oils in it for a lingering scent.

4.  Work from the top down, both in the configuration of your house and in each room.  Start with the uppermost level and work your way down, from ceiling to floor.  That way, when you clean the floors, anything that could fall on them already has and you are left with a perfectly clean room.

5.  Start with clean tools.  If you have a broom, dust pads, etc, wash and dry them before starting to clean.  Swishing a broom in a bucket or tub of hot soapy water then rinsing will do wonders to improve its cleaning ability.  Sanitize scrub brushes so you aren’t spreading old germs and dirt around.

Blooming Swab

Living Areas

1.  Move the furniture!  Dust bunnies and who-knows-what get hidden under the furniture.  Don’t forget to tip the furniture over and vacuum the bottoms as well as the tops and crevices.

2.  Take the pictures off the wall to clean them over the floor, not the furniture.  If needed, take them apart and clean the glass with window or glass cleaner, taking care to make sure they are completely dry before putting them back together.  This keeps extra dust from getting on the furniture, putting it on the floor where you can easily clean it, and your pictures will be sparkly and beautiful.

3.  Don’t forget window coverings!  If they can be washed, wash them in the hottest water possible to kill any dust mites or ickies.  Hang them partially damp to let the wrinkles hang out and you won’t have to iron them.  If they can’t be washed, vacuum them as much as possible to keep them looking fresh.

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4.  When dusting knick knacks, use a damp rag when possible, or wash them in mild soapy water.  This will get them looking all sparkly and pretty again, and wash away all the dust that collects over the year.

5.  Wipe down baseboards, stair edges, and any other low surface that are usually missed or glossed over with regular cleaning.


1.  Use hot soapy water on cabinets, with a mild soap like Ivory or Murphy’s Oil Soap.  It will break down any grease that is sticking to them, revealing the wood or paint underneath.  Don’t forget the exhaust fan, walls, and appliances too!

2.  Clean out any traps, vents, etc on the appliances to make sure they are in optimal running condition.  Vacuum the coils of the fridge to allow better air flow too.

3.  Clean the inside of appliances with warm water and baking soda for a double dose of clean.  It will freshen the closed spaces and keep freshening, even after you’re done cleaning.  Don’t forget to place a dish of baking soda in the fridge for extra odor absorbing!

4.  Wipe out the shelves and bottom of cupboards.  Even in the cleanest of homes, tiny bugs or even mice can walk through the back of cupboards unseen.  Take the time to really get things clean in the back of cupboards where you might not get usually.

5.   Don’t forget the garbage disposal!  Drop some lemon or orange peels into it while running to freshen the scent.  Follow it up with a couple of ice cubes to sharpen the blades for a well running disposal.



1.  Wipe down all surfaces with a germ killing solution.  Vinegar or bleach water work well.  Remember to wipe the handles of the cupboards and door knobs.

2.  Clean out the medicine cabinet of all unused or expired prescriptions and over the counter medications.  Find out what local pharmacy or police station will dispose of them properly and drop them off.  Don’t forget to check your first aid kit while you’re at it to make sure you have all the necessary supplies, and that nothing in there has expired.

3.  Use that toothbrush to get all the cracks and crevices in the bathroom sparkling clean.  Spray down any moldy or mildewy spots with bleach water to kill them, then wipe clean to remove any residue so they don’t come back.

4.  Wash your shower curtain.  Fabric ones can be run through the washer and hung damp to prevent wrinkles.  Plastic ones can be soaked in a tub of warm water and a splash of bleach to kill any mildew that lingers.

5.  Clean windows and mirrors too!  This simple step can make your bathroom look absolutely amazing.  Try using white vinegar with newspaper or lint free paper towels for the best clean around.

Make Spring Cleaning Fun

Spring Cleaning doesn’t have to be such a chore.  Put on your favorite music, open the windows, and let the stale winter air filter out, with fresh spring air coming in.  It’s a wonderful way to start the spring with a fresh house that’s newly cleaned!


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