Repurposing Your Stockpile: Stale Peanut Butter

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Hanging Seed

Every once in a while, my kids go on a peanut butter kick.  That’s all they want to eat.  When that happens, I go couponing for great deals, or I make homemade peanut or other nut butter.  Invariably, I end up with peanut butter that goes stale, however.  Either the kids open more than one jar and I’m unaware of it, or I make far too much homemade nut butter.  I’ve tried it in cookies, but even there you can {Read More}

Repurpose Your Stockpile: Lint

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Winter Cardinal

Sometimes we take for granted the roof over our heads, and the warmth that we have in our homes.  A few feathered friends brought that to my attention last week as they were pulling a few tidbits of things out of the gutters of my home, and attacking the woodpile for stray leaves to use as nesting materials.  They were even checking out the lint trap that covers the dryer vent!  Watching them, so industriously working to make a winter {Read More}

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