Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Spring Cleaning 2

Start off Right with Spring Cleaning Spring Cleaning has always been a time in my family of airing out the house, deep cleaning every room, and bringing in the beauty and freshness of spring.  It’s hard work, no doubt, but it doesn’t have to be boring or tedious.  Take a weekend, use some of these simple tips and tricks, and clear your space of tired, stale air and lingering grime. General Spring Cleaning 1.  Gather all your supplies before starting. {Read More}

15 Frugal Uses for Salt

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  Salt is More Than a Seasoning Salt is something we all have in our kitchens, but did you know how many other uses it has?  Common table salt is made up of two simple chemicals, sodium and chlorine, that on their own can be deadly.  But when introduced to each other, they become a magical substance that our bodies can’t live without.  Salt is an inexpensive way to take care of a lot of things, from cleaning, to seasoning, {Read More}

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