Craft Time: Mason Jar Glitter Globes

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Mason Jar Glitter Globes

Mason Jar Glitter Globes for Gifts or Decorations I’m always on the hunt for new crafts to make, and when I can make them with the kiddos, it’s even better.  Mason Jar Glitter Globes are simple and inexpensive, and they make wonderful gifts and decorations.  My kids had a blast making them, and if you are part of a scouting troop, they would make a great project.  All it takes is a mason jar (wide mouth work best), some little {Read More}

Easy Cupcake Holders ~ Protect your Precious Cargo!

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Easy Cupcake Holders Main

  Easy Cupcake Holders for Precious Cargo Cupcakes are amazing little things.  They are tasty, adorable, and can brighten the spirits of anyone.  There’s been a cupcake fad lately, with all kinds of flavors and decorations.  It seems people are elevating the status of the cupcake from kids’ parties to weddings and other elegant occasions.  While all these beautiful cupcakes are being created, one thing has really stayed the same: cupcake holders.  Boring, expensive, and lacking imagination, these essential items {Read More}

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