Vanilla Mint Sugar Scrub

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Packaged Scrub

It’s getting warmer outside!  That means that soon it will be swimsuit season.  What to do about all that dry skin from the harsh winter?  Well, make your own Vanilla mint Sugar scrub would work wonders on that skin. The few ingredients you need can be found at a bulk food shop or even your local Walmart. 1 1/4 C raw sugar 1/3 C Honey 3/4 C carrier oil, such as Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Avocado, or a light Olive Oil {Read More}

Easy Brown Sugar Scrub Cubes

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Brown Sugar Scrub Cubes

Brown Sugar Scrub Cubes Made from Scratch If you’ve ever been to one of those fancy bath stores, they have all kinds of bath bombs and scrubs. And boy, do you pay for them! So I went looking for an easy, economical way to make these at home. With a only four ingredients, you can make the coolest Brown Sugar Scrub Cubes at home in minutes, for a fraction of the cost of ones at the fancy stores. A whole {Read More}

10 Kitchen Gadgets I Can’t Live Without

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Kitchen Gadgets

There are certain kitchen gadgets that I can’t live without. They help me so much in the kitchen, or have qualities that I adore over other versions, that if, for some reason, it breaks (usually because someone doesn’t check the garbage disposer before turning it on), I have to get another one right away. Here are the 10 kitchen gadgets I can’t live without, and why. Kitchen Gadgets for Even the Novice Chef 1. OXO Good Grips Zester Grater $9.99 {Read More}

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