Superfoods: Chia Seed Cookies

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Chia Seed Cookies

  Chia Seed Cookies… What? Chia seeds are one of those superfoods I talked about in a post a few days ago.  They are an odd little seed.  When you soak them in water, they turn into a gelatinous goo that has some pretty awesome nutritional properties.  High in fiber, chia seeds fill you up without adding a lot of calories to your diet. Chia seeds are commonly added to smoothies to add bulk, nutrition, and protein.  And yes, they {Read More}

Superfoods: The Lowdown

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Superfoods Collage 1

    Superfoods – What They Are You hear the term a lot around the internet and tv: superfoods.  Everyone from Dr. Oz to The Doctors is talking about them and how we need to be eating more of them.  But WHAT are they?  Well, like many things, the definition of what is a “superfood” depends on who you ask, but it gets down to one basic idea.  Superfoods are foods that have few calories, but are packed with essential {Read More}

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