Thrifty Thursday: Framed Sayings ~ Art to Pass Along

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Framed Sayings 2

  Facebook Meme Creates Framed Sayings Opportunity My Framed Sayings were born from a Facebook meme that I happened upon, where you commented in the post, and the person who posted it will give you a creative gift sometime during the year: “I just joined in the 2013 Creative Pay It Forward: the first 5 people to comment on this status will receive from me, sometime in this calendar year, a gift- perhaps a book, or baked goods, or a {Read More}

Thrifty Thursday: Your Own Nature Art Prints for Less

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Art Prints Collage

You’ve seen the pretty prints in the stores, online, and in your friends’ homes.  Flowers, nature, and the like, all artfully arranged on a wall, creating the perfect natural scene.  When I wanted to make a wall of pictures in my home, I went searching.  A simple print of a yellow flower, matted and framed, cost $67 on one site I looked at!  $67?!?  I knew I could do better.  Armed with a simple point and shoot camera with a {Read More}

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