Vanilla Mint Sugar Scrub

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Packaged Scrub

It’s getting warmer outside!  That means that soon it will be swimsuit season.  What to do about all that dry skin from the harsh winter?  Well, make your own Vanilla mint Sugar scrub would work wonders on that skin. The few ingredients you need can be found at a bulk food shop or even your local Walmart. 1 1/4 C raw sugar 1/3 C Honey 3/4 C carrier oil, such as Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Avocado, or a light Olive Oil {Read More}

Homemade Peanut Butter

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homemade peanut butter

Homemade Peanut Butter Making Homemade Peanut Butter is so easy….and I am on a kick to see what’s in my food.  What exactly is it we’re eating?  One of the foods my family loves is peanut butter.  (Or any nut butter, really!)  I picked up a jar of commercial peanut butter in the store expecting peanuts, maybe some peanut oil, and salt.  What I found seemed wrong for such a simple food: peanuts, sugar, molasses, hydrogenated vegetable oils, mono and {Read More}

Thrifty Thursday: Easy Crochet Dishrags and Washcloths

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Med Dishrag

    Dishes.  I don’t know many people that enjoy doing them.  I know my kids don’t.  So, we try to find ways to make it fun, fast, and save on resources while we’re doing this disliked chore.  One of the ways I’ve engaged my son is to make our own dishrags.  He loves making things with his hands, and crochet is no different.  With a bit of patience, even the novice can make these wonderful dishrags that last for {Read More}

Thrifty Thursday: Easy Dishwasher Tabs

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Tab ingredients

I save money in a lot of ways around my home.  I make my own laundry detergent, I shop wisely, and I’ve installed a few energy saving devices.  But, I have to say, this is one of my favorite things to save money on.  Very few people like doing the dishes, myself included.  But, when you can make your own dishwasher tabs for pennies, I’ll do the dishes all day. Here’s how I do it: 1 box Borax  (found near {Read More}

Being Prepared for Overnight Guests on a Shoestring

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Overnight Guest Basket

Everyone has guests stop by from time to time.  Occasionally, they spend the night.  Reduce the franticness of getting things ready by having a basket of goodies on hand at all times, have a set or two of towels set aside, and a few other easy things to make their stay comfortable, and your day less harried.  And, by planning ahead and clipping a few coupons plus watching for sales, you can put together a nice basket for the bathroom {Read More}

Thrifty Thursday: Getting Flowers and Plants for Nearly Nothing!

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Garden Flowers

  Why Pay Big Bucks for Flowers and Plants? I love planting flowers in my gardens and planters, especially in spring, when you look at these tiny plants and anticipate how beautiful they will bloom in a month or so.  But, I don’t enjoy the high prices that a lot of places charge for their flowers and plants.  I’ve looked around at sales, and found some really interesting places to find unusual plants for very little money, and thought I’d {Read More}

Thrifty Thursday: Garage Sales and Estate Sales Tips and Tricks

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Garage Sale Sign

  Spring is Here!  It’s Time for Garage Sales! Spring is hopefully starting to spring, which means lots of garage sales and estate sales will start popping up.  You’ll see signs on street corners, housing additions will start advertising  and before you know it, people will be walking around neighborhoods, going from one house to another, looking for the best deals.  Personally, I love garage sales and estate sales.  I can pick up things that I normally wouldn’t find anywhere else.  {Read More}

Thrifty Thursday: Lavender Mint Foot Scrub

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Lavender Mint Foot Scrub

When winter blahs settle in, the one thing that always boosts my spirit is Lavender Mint Foot Scrub! Who wants to pay spa prices though? With a few ingredients purchased at a health food store or an online bath product making site, you can whip up a batch of this great Lavender Mint Foot Scrub for about $1.85! A similar spa product costs more than $22 for 5 ounces less! Talk about being thrifty!  Y’all can’t beat that! Lavender Mint {Read More}

Thrifty Thursday: Framed Sayings ~ Art to Pass Along

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Framed Sayings 2

  Facebook Meme Creates Framed Sayings Opportunity My Framed Sayings were born from a Facebook meme that I happened upon, where you commented in the post, and the person who posted it will give you a creative gift sometime during the year: “I just joined in the 2013 Creative Pay It Forward: the first 5 people to comment on this status will receive from me, sometime in this calendar year, a gift- perhaps a book, or baked goods, or a {Read More}

Thrifty Thursday: Repurposing Stores for Remodeling

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I love being thrifty, and when I was introduced to a repurposing construction store, I was in love.  These stores are popping up around the country as people realize just how much we throw out and want to repurpose and recycle materials.  If you’ve never been in one, they are amazing. The stores take in materials that are donated from construction and demolition sites, avoiding sending them to the landfill.  Then they sell them to the public at a discount.  {Read More}

Thrifty Thursday: Saving with Apps

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It’s no secret, I love to shop.  And I love to save.  Sometimes, when I have a list of things I need, I make it a game to see just how much I can save and still get everything.  But who has time to gather all the newspapers and sale ads, check all the websites, and then make sure you have all your coupons to get the deals?  That’s where technology comes in. If you have a smart phone, it’s {Read More}

Thrifty Thursday: Potpourri Jar for $3

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Finished Jar

Sometimes, in the middle of winter, you need a little something to brighten up your living space.  For me, that usually is something that smells wonderful and looks pretty.  Now that the hectic pace of the holidays is slowing down, I took a trip to my local Dollar Tree, and for a mere $3, I found all the things for a pretty little Valentine potpourri dish. What you’ll need: A glass vase, bowl, or whatever you like Ribbon Paper doilies {Read More}

Thrifty Thursday: Meals in a Hurry

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Have y’all ever found a great deal on ground beef, but you had nothing you wanted to make with it?  Or nights when you come home from your day and wish you had something you could just pop in the oven to make for dinner?  I do that all the time.  Then, I got a little motivation and inspiration.  It has made my life a lot easier. Whenever you make anything from ground beef, from meatloaf to pizza toppings, or {Read More}

Thrifty Thursday: Fabric Wrapping Bags

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Bag with Box

I’m always trying to find some great ways to save money and resources at Christmas.  And reuse everything I can.  I hate to buy wrapping paper, only to throw it away.  A friend of mine has pouches seemingly for EVERYTHING.  Her curling iron, her china, well, you get the picture.  What if I took scrap fabric and made pouches for presents?  Then, I can reuse them next year too!  Or if I give them away, they can go to a {Read More}

Thrifty Thursday: Your Own Nature Art Prints for Less

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Art Prints Collage

You’ve seen the pretty prints in the stores, online, and in your friends’ homes.  Flowers, nature, and the like, all artfully arranged on a wall, creating the perfect natural scene.  When I wanted to make a wall of pictures in my home, I went searching.  A simple print of a yellow flower, matted and framed, cost $67 on one site I looked at!  $67?!?  I knew I could do better.  Armed with a simple point and shoot camera with a {Read More}

Thrifty Thursday: Easy Thanksgiving Placecards

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Finished Turkey

Every Thanksgiving of my childhood started out the same way.  My mom was busy cooking a feast for the army of family coming over, and my sister and I were underfoot.  After a bowl of cereal, we were sent into the living room to do three things.  Grab the Century catalog that had come in the mail that week, and make our Christmas list, watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, yelling out our favorite floats and bands, and making these {Read More}

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