Beggar’s Stew – A Healthy Weeknight Alternative

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Beggar's Stew

  Beggar’s Stew for Easy Dinners Beggar’s Stew is a fast and easy option for dinner any night of the week.  I started making Beggar’s Stew when I had a lot of veggies that were starting to get past their prime but we’re still good and nutritious.   It quickly became a family favorite and is one of the most requested dishes in my house.  You can adapt Beggar’s Stew not only to your family’s tastes and what you have on {Read More}

Easy Chicken Minestrone

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Chicken Minestrone

  Chicken Minestrone for Something Different I wanted some minestrone soup the other day, but instead of putting in beef like I normally do, I had some ground chicken in the freezer and had an idea.  What if I melded my favorite Italian Wedding Soup with minestrone, using ground chicken?  It didn’t take a second thought.  I set out to make some Chicken Minestrone using ingredients I had around the house.  It was the best minestrone I’ve had in a {Read More}

Summer Soup Recipe ~ Gazpacho!

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Gazpacho Main

  Gazpacho – It’s What’s for Dinner!  (and lunch, and snacks…) Soup is not what you expect to have in the summer, but a cool, delicious soup is a fantastic treat that will satisfy not only your hunger, but also your need for something refreshing.  Fresh summer veggies blend together to make this beautiful Gazpacho that looks beautiful in the simplest of wine glasses, with an easy drizzle of balsamic vinegar.  I started making Gazpacho after having some at a {Read More}

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