Teacher Appreciation Week! Thank Your Teachers with Something From Our Gift Idea Roundup!

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Teacher Appreciation

Teacher’s Appreciation Week Ideas

Your child’s teacher is with your son or daughter most of the day, five days a week. They teach them not only the subjects prescribed but also instill how to be kind, play well with others, and manners. Teachers deal with the same things a parent does, such as runny noses, fevers, and boo-boos, times 30, every day.   And through all this, rarely do they get any appreciation. This year, teacher appreciation week is May 5th through May 9th.  (Teacher Appreciation Day is actually 5/6/2014)  We’ve come up with a great Spring gift that’s easy to make, as well as rounded up some awesome ideas as to tell your favorite teacher how much you care and thank them for a job well done.


Summer Citrus Sea Salt Scrub

Summer Citrus Sea Salt Scrub

1/2 C finely ground sea salt

1/2 C almond oil (or any light oil such as light olive or soy)

1 t lemon zest

1 t lime zest


In a clean, dry bowl, mix all of the ingredients well.

Package in a pretty canning or other glass jar.

Add a ribbon and tag around the lid.

To use, after washing in the shower, mix the scrub by swirling your finger in the mixture.  Rub a small amount in circles over your wet skin.  Rinse well.




Natural Coffee Flavorings



Natural Coffee Flavorings

What teacher doesn’t drink coffee?  When I was in school, they all walked around with their mugs of coffee, sipping their brew before having to deal with all of us.  Here is a great way to thank your favorite coffee-drinking teacher:




Pretty Little Butterfly Snacks



Pretty Little Butterfly Snacks

Our PTA asks for teacher snacks not only during Teacher Appreciation Week, but also during parent teacher conference times.  Why not make them adorable with a little thank you note?  Your kids can help you make these, and the teachers will love the thought put into making them.  Check craft stores for pretty bags!



Vanilla Mint Sugar Scrub



Packaged Scrub

Salt scrub is great, but sometimes you want to thank someone for being so sweet.  Vanilla Mint Sugar Scrub does the trick!  Look for a store that sells raw sugar in bulk to save big when making this!

Peanut Butter Cheesecake Cookies

Peanut Butter Cheesecake Cookies no-bake

What about making some yummy no-bake cookies?  The kiddos can even make these themselves to give to the teacher.




Homemade Seasoning Mixes



Homemade Seasoning Mixes Main

Give your fave teachers mini gift baskets filled with seasoning mixes and recipes!  I love making up gift baskets for gifts and Homemade Seasoning Mixes make perfect additions.  Add a bag of chips or pretzels for the dip mix, and find cute baskets for next to nothing at dollar stores.




Brownies on Demand



Brownies on Demand Main

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Who doesn’t like brownies?  Seriously?  Ok, well I might know one or two people, but not many.  Why not give  your favorite teacher Brownies on Demand?  Make up a pretty little one-recipe jar of these deliciously chewy brownies, and add a card on how to make them.  They’ll have a great snack one day after work!




Lavender Mint Foot Scrub



Lavender Mint Foot Scrub

For the teacher that is on her feet all day, give her a jar of Lavender Mint Foot Scrub!  It’s an inexpensive alternative to the spa, but just as luxurious and pampering!




Framed Sayings Art



Framed Sayings Nature Frame

Most teachers I know have a person or saying that they admire and talk about.  If you know who that is, make a beautiful framed work of art for them to hang in their room or in their home.  A few scraps of paper, and a printout of the quote will make a fine gift.


 Chocolate Covered Strawberries


What an elegant gift, but yet simple enough for the kids to make.  Who wouldn’t love a few Chocolate Covered Strawberries?


Herbed Oil and Vinegar



Herbed Olive Oil and Vinegar

I love herbed oils and vinegars.  I have several different bottles in my kitchen, for different uses.  Why not make your teacher up a bottle or two of oil and vinegar for their cooking pleasure?  They’re sure to love it.




Wine Cork Stamp Valentines ~ Not Just for Valentine’s Day!



Wine Cork Stamp Valentines

Add a personal touch to your gift with a card made by your child!  Kids love to use stamps, and it will really tell you teacher how much you care and appreciate them.  You can also make up a couple stamps for the teacher to use when grading papers and add a stamp pad or two!




Time Out Jars



Finished Jar

Every teacher has his day that is chock full of frustration.  (Don’t we all?)  While this gift was originally for kids, I’ve found myself using the extra that I made when I am stressed or just need a moment to unwind.  Swirl the jar and let your mind escape for a few minutes as the glitter falls back to the bottom of the jar.

Easy Lotion Bars


Almost all of us have to use lotion to keep our skin from cracking.  However, teachers tend to need lotion even more.  Why?  All of that hand sanitizer they have to use, makes for very dry skin.  So, why not give them homemade easy lotion bars.




Your Own Nature Art Prints



Daisy Framed

Is your child a budding photographer?  Or maybe they pointed out something to take a picture of on a walk through the park.  Make pretty prints for your favorite teacher with frames from Ikea or your local thrift shop.  Pictures of natural things can be a momentary escape that has many health benefits!

Thank a teacher or three during Teacher Appreciation Week, May 6th through 10th, with a little gift to tell them thank you for all of their hard work teaching our next generation!

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  2. Wonderful ideas here, especially like the scrubs. I’m sure there will be some happy teachers out there to receive any of these. Thanks for sharing on Hearth & Soul Hop. :)

  3. I love all these ideas! So unique and you can bet they won’t be getting 15 meditation jars or oil and vinegar mixes! I love that! If you’d like to share this at my link party, I would love to have you! What an awesome collection.

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  4. I had no idea teacher appreciation week was coming up. My daughter is just in daycare but I would still love to do something for her provider. Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

  5. Great ideas! Teachers need more appreciation. Thanks for the inspiration! Come by our Brag About It #2 link party tomorrow, Tuesday. We would be honored to have you! Thanks so much! ~ Sharon and Denise @BeBetsy

  6. So many good ideas! Thanks for sharing them all at Monday Funday!


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