Thanksgiving 2013 – Average Cost of Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 – Average Cost of Thanksgiving Dinner

Every year, we hear about the cost of Thanksgiving Dinner.  I try to calculate how much I can spend on the turkey, stuffing, veggie side and sweet potatoes.  I spread out the cost of some of it by asking those joining me to bring a side item or a dessert.  That saves me time as well.  Well, they are predicting the average cost of Thanksgiving 2013 dinner for a family of 10 people to be $49.48 according to a study by the American Farm Bureau Federation, a nonprofit grassroots organization advocating farmer interests.

Here are some tips I have come up with for helping offset some of the cost, and make Thanksgiving Day easier.

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  1. Plan to have the food served Buffet Style.  This not only saves you time, but it can save you money as well.  People only take what they want on their plate.
  2. Have people joining each bring a dish.  Then you can just prepare the main dish and maybe one of your favorite sides.  Serving pot luck style can save you money and everyone gets to try each others cooking.  :)  Also, everyone feels that they contributed to the meal.
  3. Ask those that bring warm/hot dishes, to bring them in their crockpot.  This will save on Oven time.  We all know that we will have only about 45 minutes after the Turkey comes out of the oven to heat/cook any additional sides.  That means that limited Oven Space!!  Things that I wouldn’t do well in the crock pot are the ‘stuffing’ (dressing here, because we don’t stuff our bird), and the rolls.  So, I like to keep the Oven Time for Stuffing and Rolls.
  4. Couponing.  Whenever possible, coupon.  I don’t know how many of you know, but I also run a couponing website called MyCouponLady.  I love to coupon, because I can get way more for my money.  And around November 1st each year, really great baking goods coupons come out.  Things like evaporated milk, cranberry sauce, sugar, yeast and other items.  And since those tend to go on sale during November and December, these tend to make Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners more affordable.

All in all $50 or less is good budget to allow for your Thanksgiving 2013 dinner.  Now, stay tuned for more Thanksgiving 2013 posts.  I will be posting recipes for amazing side dishes and desserts.  PLUS, I will post a Thanksgiving day planner and timeline for making sure you get that Frozen Turkey defrosted in time.  :)

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  1. No Way!!! $50 for Thanksgiving Dinner for 10…Just won’t happen. Unless you go to the soup kitchen…..Really!


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