Being Prepared for Overnight Guests on a Shoestring

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Everyone has guests stop by from time to time.  Occasionally, they spend the night.  Reduce the franticness of getting things ready by having a basket of goodies on hand at all times, have a set or two of towels set aside, and a few other easy things to make their stay comfortable, and your day less harried.  And, by planning ahead and clipping a few coupons plus watching for sales, you can put together a nice basket for the bathroom for very little money.

Find a basket or container that goes well with your bathroom decor.  Fill the bottom with some shredded packaging paper, moss, raffia, whatever you like.  Even an extra hand towel works well.  Fill the basket with goodies such as travel size or small bottles of shampoo and conditioner, trial size deodorant, lotion, soap, toothpaste and a toothbrush.  Everything someone needs to relax and get ready for the day.  With some smart shopping, you should be able to fill the basket for next to nothing.  I save the toothbrushes that the dentist gives me, since I use an electric, for just this purpose.  Add a new washcloth or two, and then place the whole thing in a plastic bag, sealed tight.  Store the basket away for your guest’s visit.  keep an extra set of new towels with the basket, also sealed up.  They will appreciate the gesture, and you’ll always have a special set of towels for guests.

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In your guest bedroom, or whatever area you have for them to sleep, have a few magazines that you rotate through or books.  There is nothing worse than being somewhere new and not being able to sleep, only to realize that you have nothing to read or calm your mind with.  Light reading can be the perfect fix.

One last little thing that guests can really appreciate.  Have some packets of different sweeteners on hand for morning coffee or tea.  Sometimes you can pick up an extra or two when you get coffee out, or you can use coupons and sales to get a box.  Personally, I use turbinado, or “Raw” sugar, but I keep packets of just about everything on hand.  Friends that have stopped by just for coffee have enjoyed having their favorite sweetener just for them.

What else do y’all do to  make your guests feel comfortable?  We’d love to share!

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  1. Quick and easy ‘dessert’ items, like a pudding mix, boxes of crackers or cookies, or frozen berries can come in handy real fast if someone hangs out for a while. You can make pudding, smoothies, eat just some crackers…

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