Thrifty Thursday: Easy Thanksgiving Placecards

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Every Thanksgiving of my childhood started out the same way.  My mom was busy cooking a feast for the army of family coming over, and my sister and I were underfoot.  After a bowl of cereal, we were sent into the living room to do three things.  Grab the Century catalog that had come in the mail that week, and make our Christmas list, watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, yelling out our favorite floats and bands, and making these great placecard holders.  Little did we know it was all busywork, as Christmas presents were already purchased, wrapped, and hidden around the house, but we loved seeing everyone’s faces when they looked around the table to find their names on these great little edible holders.

What y’all will need:

1 apple for each person

1 grape or cherry tomato for each person

bag of mini marshmallows

bag of raisins or craisins

box of toothpicks

paper, construction for feet and white or light for the “bib”


writing utensils

Making these are pretty easy.    Don’t forget to wash and dry your apples and tomatoes.

Draw the feet on your construction paper and bibs on the white paper, then cut them out.  Write the names of the people on the bib toward the bottoms so they will be easily visible.

Secure the feet through the bottom of the apple with a toothpick, making sure you get it in far enough through the blossom end to not scratch the table.

See where your apple leans to, if at all.  The “turkeys” seem to look better if the head is attached at the lowest part of the lean.  Hold the bib against the low part and spear a toothpick through the top, inserting about a half an inch or so into the apple.  Top it with a tomato as a head.

Here’s the part I always loved: making the feathers.  Using the marshmallows, raisins, or any other fruit, candy or items, put together the feathers, leaving about a half an inch open in the bottom.

Spear the apple with the feathers, positioning them as you like.  I always worked on a traditional tail pattern, but be creative!

Now you have some amazing placecard holders for your table, as well as a take-away snack for your guests.  If you are like my mom, it’s a great way to keep your kids busy while you tend to the stove and other things during the morning, while giving your kids something fun to make.

Do y’all do anything special with the kids on Thanksgiving?  Give us a shout out in the comments and share your ideas!


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