Thrifty Thursday: Getting Flowers and Plants for Nearly Nothing!

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Why Pay Big Bucks for Flowers and Plants?

I love planting flowers in my gardens and planters, especially in spring, when you look at these tiny plants and anticipate how beautiful they will bloom in a month or so.  But, I don’t enjoy the high prices that a lot of places charge for their flowers and plants.  I’ve looked around at sales, and found some really interesting places to find unusual plants for very little money, and thought I’d share them here.  They make awesome gifts for Mother’s Day, birthdays, any day, really, that you want to brighten someone’s day.

Where to SAVE Big Bucks on Flowers and Plants

There are a few places to save, or even get your flowers and plants for free.  Yes!  I said FREE!


1.  Extension Office Flowers and Plants Sales

Many colleges have an Extension Office that provides services such as soil testing, crop management classes, and livestock information.  Many of them also have plant sales that offer native plants at a deep discount.  I often get beautiful Gerbera daisy plants for $1 per 6 pack.

2.  Botanical Conservatory Flowers and Plants Sales

When botanical conservatories switch over exhibits, they often put all their “used” plants on sale for next to nothing.  I found premium tulip and hyacinth bulbs for 10 cents each!  They are usually ready to plant, or in pots of dirt, but they are proven bloomers.

3.  Farmer’s Markets and Vegetable Stands

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Locally grown plants are a great way to go.  You know they will grow in your area, and you are supporting a local business.  I love going to farmer’s markets and mom and pop vegetable stands.  They usually price their plants less, and at the end of the sales season, usually mark any leftovers down to pennies.  I’ve even found flats of tomatoes and flowers free to a good home.  Several of them are still sitting on my window sill, just waiting for the ground to thaw.  One year my favorite market over-purchased on their Jackson & Perkins roses, offering them buy one for $5, get one free!  I couldn’t beat that with a stick!  I got four of my favorite roses, and years later, they are still blooming beautifully.

4.  Garage Sales

I love picking up plants at garage sales.  Many times, you can get smaller plants that were split off from the seller’s plants.  They might take a little tender loving care to get rooted, but you can often get them for free.

5.  Online (Craigslist, Freecycle)

You can find a lot of free or inexpensive plants on Craigslist or Freecycle, if you have the time to wait and watch.  When people move, they get rid of all kinds of things, plants included.  Even the beautiful big tropical ones.  If you catch the sites on the right days, you can fill you home and gardens for the price of going and picking them up.

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Don’t Spend a Lot On Flowers and Plants!

Don’t spend a lot of your hard earned cash on flowers and plants.  With a little of digging and researching, you can find a lot of plants at reduced prices or even free.  So start looking, and start saving on your flowers and plants!

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  1. Please carefully examine plants from Craigslist or garage sales — they may harbor insects or disease that will spread to your plants at home!

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