Thrifty Thursday: Lavender Mint Foot Scrub

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Lavender Mint Foot Scrub

When winter blahs settle in, the one thing that always boosts my spirit is Lavender Mint Foot Scrub! Who wants to pay spa prices though? With a few ingredients purchased at a health food store or an online bath product making site, you can whip up a batch of this great Lavender Mint Foot Scrub for about $1.85! A similar spa product costs more than $22 for 5 ounces less! Talk about being thrifty!  Y’all can’t beat that!

Lavender Mint Foot Scrub:

Foot Scrub Ingredients


1/2 C pumice, finely ground
1 1/2 C sea salt, finely ground
1 T peppermint leaves
1 T lavender blossoms
10 drops peppermint essential oil
10 drops lavender essential oil
3/4 C olive oil

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In a large glass bowl, place the pumice, salt, leaves, and blossoms. Mix well with a metal spoon.

Add the essential oils and mix to incorporate.

Mixing Bowl

Slowly add the olive oil, mixing until the salt is damp but not swimming in oil.

Package in glass jars.

To use, rub about a tablespoon on to damp feet. Rinse well with warm water.

This recipe makes about two cups of foot scrub. Enough for a winter full of spas! Even better, package this in cute jars (we buy platinum Ball jars) and give as gifts for birthdays, baby showers (mom needs some pampering!) or Valentine’s Day.  Don’t forget to tie a little ribbon around the top with directions!
If Lavender Mint Foot Scrub isn’t a scent you like, change out the scents! Mint goes with just about everything, but think of going sunny with a little bit of lemon or orange oil (these can make your skin sensitive to sunlight, so use sparingly), eucalyptus and birch bark if your feet are swollen from being on them, or even unscented!

Lavender Mint Foot Scrub is an amazing way to chase away the winter blahs without having to leave you home. Call your besties and have a spa day. Y’all will love Lavender Mint Foot Scrub!

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  1. This will save me tons in pedicures

  2. I am always on the hunt for new scrub recipes. I’ve never made it with ground pumice! I didn’t even know there was such of a thing. Thanks for sharing at Pinworthy Projects.

  3. Would be nice if you could include where to purchase the items at. This would be such a great gift idea for so many occasions

  4. Where can you get pumice, finely ground?? How wonderful!

  5. What a fabulous gift idea! Where do you get pumice from, though? I imagine it would be hard (and expensive!) to grind the typical pumice stones they sell in stores… I love the idea of giving this to teachers, too – they stand on their feet all day!

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