Thrifty Thursday: Potpourri Jar for $3

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Sometimes, in the middle of winter, you need a little something to brighten up your living space.  For me, that usually is something that smells wonderful and looks pretty.  Now that the hectic pace of the holidays is slowing down, I took a trip to my local Dollar Tree, and for a mere $3, I found all the things for a pretty little Valentine potpourri dish.

What you’ll need:

A glass vase, bowl, or whatever you like


Paper doilies


Glue Gun

Paper glue (Elmers or a glue stick will work well)


Cut out two matching hearts from the paper doilies for each hanging heart you want to have.  Make sure they match so the patterns aren’t off from front to back.  I folded my doilies in half, matching sides, then cut the hearts from them.

Cut a ribbon for each hanging heart, about 5 inches long.

Carefully put glue on one side of the doily, then attach the ribbon.  Add the other heart to the top, sandwiching the ribbon between.  Repeat for the other hearts and set them aside to let them dry.

Cut 4 ribbons long enough to go around your container, plus about an inch overlap.  Place a dot of hot glue near the bottom of your container, pressing the ribbon into it, securing it before wrapping it around the container.  Secure it with another small dot of glue.  Continue with another ribbon around the bottom and two around the top, leaving a small space between them.

To make the bows that cover the glue spots, Cut a ribbon about 6 inches long, and another long enough to wrap around your bow and a little extra to secure it.  Make a loop by folding the ribbon over and secure the end near the middle of the original length.

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Repeat with the other side.

Tack the small piece of ribbon to the back and wrap around the middle of the bow, hiding the glued ends.  Tack in the back with another small dot of hot glue.  Repeat three more times.

With a dot of hot glue, tack a bow to each of the bottom ribbons, covering the glued section.

Once your hearts are dry, measure where you’d like them to fall and cut the ribbons so they are even with the top of the second top ribbon.  Tack with a small dot of hot glue and cover with a bow.  Finish by adding a bow to the top ribbon.

Add your potpourri of choice and you have a beautiful potpourri holder.  No one will know how little you really spent!

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