Thrifty Thursday: Spring Bouquet Centerpiece ~ Bring a Little Spring to Your Table

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Brighten Up Your Table With A Spring Bouquet Centerpiece

It’s almost time for Spring and what better way to welcome it than a beautiful Spring Bouquet Centerpiece?  Take a trip to your local dollar store and find some spring flower picks in pretty colors that will lighten you mood!  While you’re out, see if any of the other signs of spring are peeking through the winter gloom, like robins or crocus.

What You Need for a Beautiful Spring Bouquet Centerpiece

Depending on how big your container is, choose enough flowers that you think that you have too many, generally about 1 pick per square inch of the container opening.  It will provide a great bloom and look full without being too busy.  Choose colors that compliment your decor.  I usually start with the container, choosing something I love and building the Spring Bouquet Centerpiece up from there.



flower picks, one for each square inch of the opening of your container

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wire cutters

Spanish or Reindeer moss

butterflies or birds

block of foam the size of your container



Glue the block of foam to the bottom of your container.  (Hot glue works best)

Cover the top and visible sides of the block with glue and moss.

While the moss dries, clip the flowers at the base of the pick so they are individual stems.

Start in the center with your largest flowers, and start arranging, moving your way out and interspersing all the colors.

Step back from your piece and see where new stems or colors are needed.  Fill in where needed.

Place butterflies or birds in the piece where they can be hidden but seen, if you like.


Display Your Spring Bouquet Centerpiece ~ And Store It On the Off Season

When you want to put your centerpiece away, simply shake off any dust wrap it in a plastic bag and store!  You will be able to display it for years to come.  If the flowers dull, try swishing it upside down in water that has a little bit of a gentle dish soap in it.  Tip up to dry.  Your flowers will look amazing.

Next time you are out, and need a pick me up, stop at your local dollar store and spend a whole $5-10 on a the materials for a beautiful Spring Bouquet Centerpiece.

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