Thrifty Thursday: Your Own Nature Art Prints for Less

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You’ve seen the pretty prints in the stores, online, and in your friends’ homes.  Flowers, nature, and the like, all artfully arranged on a wall, creating the perfect natural scene.  When I wanted to make a wall of pictures in my home, I went searching.  A simple print of a yellow flower, matted and framed, cost $67 on one site I looked at!  $67?!?  I knew I could do better.  Armed with a simple point and shoot camera with a macro and super macro function, I went in search of things to take pictures of.  My garden was the best source of inspiration.

The first thing to know is how to use your camera.  Mine was pretty darn easy.  Click a button to set it to Super Macro, and point it at what I want a picture of.  Click!  Up close, and personal pictures.  Take more pictures than you think you need.  Try odd angles.  Don’t worry about focusing on the whole of the object.  Try just a petal, or focus on the petal and move it to the side of the frame.  I literally have thousands of flower pictures, shots of leaves, veins in leaves.  Everything I could think of.  Get your children involved, as they see things from other perspectives.  One of my best pictures was set up by my daughter.  We were leaving the zoo, and they had flower boxes surrounded by granite slabs on the way out.   My daughter grabbed two petals that had fallen from a geranium plant, put them together, and told me they were our two hearts.  I took several pictures of that, crying the whole time.

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Once you get quite a few pictures, check them out on your computer.  Pick a few that you like and have them printed at a local shop.  I go to Walgreens.  I’ve found their quality to be great and they are ready in an hour.  Prices are fantastic as well, and the store is not out of my way!  A simple 5×7 print runs around $1.99 each.

Now, for the frame.  You can get nice frames at Goodwill or the Salvation Army that you can paint any color you like and save quite a bit of money.  But the frames won’t all be the same.  Personally, I shop at Ikea for mine.  For $4.99, I get a beautiful frame, already painted black, and a white/ivory mat as well.

Once you have your pictures printed, and your frames ready, you are all set to create masterpieces.  I’ve mixed landscape and square frames, as well as colors and textures of flowers and leaves.  I always keep the frame color and style the same, as well as the mat color to bring them all together.


Give it a try!  The best thing about digital cameras is you can keep trying until you get the perfect picture for you!  Why spend hundreds of dollars on picture prints that you buy when you can take and make your own for a fraction of the cost?  Decorate your home with pictures from your garden and travels!

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