Time Out Jars

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Time Out Jars


Easy Time Out Jars Calm and Teach

It’s hard being a kid.  Learning all the rules, trying to color within the lines, and trying to have fun while doing it.  Sometimes, we need to calm our children down when things get too far out of hand.  Time Out Jars are the perfect remedy!  They are easy to make, easy to use, and it let’s the child calm their mind on their own, teaching them a fantastic lesson in the process.  Glitter is suspended in water, trickles down to settle in the bottom, much like a snow globe.  As the child watches, their emotions calm, and they bring themselves back into a state of being able to learn and react in a more acceptable manner.

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Time Out Jars are Simple to Make

While I made my Time Out Jars from glass jars, smaller children should have plastic bottles.  Twenty ounce water bottles are perfect for this.  They have a tight fitting cap, preventing water from splashing, and they will bounce if dropped.  There’s only three other things you need for Time Out Jars.  Glitter glue and extra fine glitter, both of which can be found at craft stores for less than $5.  You can use whatever color your child likes, but glitter glue is the key.  The more glue you use, the longer the glitter is suspended.  The third ingredient is water.  I used warm water to help dissolve the glue in the jar.  When it cooled, it was still dissolved, and held the glitter in suspension nicely.

Time Out Jars

Time Out Jars


  • 1 20 oz plastic water bottle
  • 4 oz glitter glue
  • 2 oz extra fine glitter
  • warm water


  1. Add glitter glue and warm water to the bottle until about half full. Cap and shake until the glue is dissolved into the water.
  2. Once the glue is dissolved, add the extra fine glitter and fill with warm water. Cap the bottle and shake well.

Adjusting the Time of Your Time Out Jars

It’s pretty easy to adjust how long the glitter is suspended in your Time Out Jars.  If the glitter lingers too long, shake it up and take out some of the water mixture, adding fresh water.  This will thin out the glue more so the glitter falls faster.  If your Time Out Jars time out too fast, add a little more glue and shake well to dissolve.  It’s simple to make your Time Out Jars last as long as you need them to for your little one.  Next thing you know, they’ll want to give their Time Out Jars a good shake when they feel themselves getting stressed, and that is a great lesson for any child.

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