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Hello Fresh


About 8 weeks ago, I started trying out meal delivery services.  Sure, there is the convenience factor of having everything for my recipes delivered to me each week.  But there was also the variety of recipes.  Trying new things that I wouldn’t normally try.  I generally do not cook any Chinese food, so I don’t have ingredients like fresh ginger, hoisin sauce or sesame oil at the house.  But, now that I have tried some of these recipes, I am impressed.  I plan to make some of these recipes again, and have already purchased some new sauces and items.

I started with Terra’s Kitchen.  Oh my word, I have to say, this was my favorite delivery service by far.  The main reason why it was my favorite, is most of the prep is done for you as well.  They keep it all fresh by shipping it to you reusable cooler box.


Other than that difference, most of them work the same.  You choose your meals each week for the following week.  The company then ships the ingredients and the recipe cards.  You transfer the contents to your fridge and make the recipes within the week.  They are all subscription services in that, they will ship to you each week.  Don’t let that scare you.  Each one that I list is easy to place weeks on hold or cancel the entire subscription.

1. Terra’s Kitchen

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Because Terra’s Kitchen does most of the prep work for you, it tends to be more expensive. And getting discount codes is rare.  But, if you are out to try different meal delivery services, this could be one to try out.

Meal Service Hello Fresh Delivery Service

2. Hello Fresh

My second favorite is Hello Fresh.  This is the company that teamed with Jamie Oliver to make sure that meals are healthy, fresh and appetizing.  Of of my favorite features of this particular service is the way they pack their supplies. They group recipe ingredients together to make it easier when it comes time to prepare meals. The recipe you see above is actually from Hello Fresh.  It was Salmon with roasted snap peas and quinoa.  So delicious. Using Promo Code UMG7K8 will save you $40 off your first box.

3. Home Chef

Next up, and VERY close runner up is Home Chef.  This service was very easy to use and the meals were delicious.  The sauces that you make yourself had me begging for more.   I have already made the oven toasted quesadilla recipe again.  Using THIS LINK for HomeChef will get you $30 off your first box.


These meal planing and delivery services have really helped for this momma on the go.

Disclosure:  I was not compensated by any of these companies for my opinion or this post.  All opinions are my own.  However, If you order thru my links above, I will receive referral credits in my account that can be used for future orders.

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