Weight Loss: A Gift to Myself

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Weight Loss: A Gift to Myself

Weight Loss….Losing Weight….Dieting….Exercise, these are all words and phrases that strike fear in many women.  I started on the journey ALONE (as do most women).  I have tried in the past so many times, and failed.  So, this time, I wasn’t telling anyone what I had planned.  I hated the disappointed sighs I would get when I would fail.  Not this time!  This time, I was bound and determined to do this in silence and for myself.  My ultimate goal, is to be in good physical health, fewer migraines and feel better.  It is working.

So, here is my journey…I started off needing to lose about 100 pounds (105 to be exact).  THIS makes me mad at myself for letting it go so long.  But alas, I am where I am, so this is where I start.  I started just eating better, incorporating more veggies and fruits and cutting way down on the sugary beverages.  This helped some…but to the point of only a couple pounds a month.  Hardly noticeable.

In March 2014, having only lost about 25 pounds over the past year, I decided, that if something was going to be done, it would need to be done better.  Even with the migraines, I began to walk.  It was slow going at first, and I could only go a mile and a half before my feet would go numb.  This made me more determined!  I couldn’t believe I had let myself go that far!  But something magical happened, even though I didn’t change my diet any, at this point, I started feeling better.  I started feeling happier.

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May 2014 – 42 pounds down, but stalling

In May 2014, I stalled on my weight loss.  Anyone dieting knows how hard that can be.  I was already walking 4 miles + per day (6 days per week), but still couldn’t see any more weight loss.  Something more had to be done.  Dang It!!!  I needed to address my diet.  It was still without the sugary beverages and trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies, but there were still a LOT of hidden calories going in.  I still love my bread, pasta, rice and so on.

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My solution, cut out all sugars that I could possibly cut out.  I did this in silence as well, because I always fear failure.  That meant, my meals needed to be more carefully crafted to avoid all those starches.  And guess what, It worked, I lost another 8 pounds that month.  BUT, again, hit a plateau very quickly.  I couldn’t walk any more than I was already walking.  I was up to about 6 miles a day for 6 days a week.  It was time to try something different again.  I joined a gym and the weight started coming off again.  I am down another 10 pounds since May, but have MUCH more energy.

What I quickly learned is that weight loss is 70% Diet, 25% Muscle Training and 5% Cardio.  WOW!  Just WOW!  So, all that walking was good for me, but I was still missing 25% of my potential.

I get asked a lot “Since you are so strict on what you eat, what do you eat?”.  I think it is a funny question (especially since I have cheat meals and sometimes cheat DAYS).  But, I eat a normal looking diet.

Typical Breakfast:

2 Eggs
1 Avocado
4 Strawberries

Typical Lunch:

1 Medium Chicken Breast (or 2 of the small sandwich size)
1 salad (generally about 2 cups of greens and whatever other veggie I can find, toppings are minimal and are generally nuts, seeds and a small amount of dressing.  I only use full fat dressings and generally make my own.  As you can probably tell from the recipes on my site for salad dressings.)
1 Fruit of choice (I usually eat a heartier fruit at lunch, like apples or pears, because they are easier for me to grab and get back to work)

Typical Dinner:

6 ounces of meat of whatever we have!  Right now, it tends to be chicken, ground beef or pork loin chops.
Fruit (here is where I generally indulge in mixed melons and softer, sweeter fruits like grapes and such, because it satisfies my craving for something sweet and also gives me the extra potassium that I need to keep the muscle cramping down)

Typical Snacks:

I am an almond girl!  I love almonds….So a handful of almonds a couple times a day, keeps me going and on the right track.

As you can see, the diet isn’t very difficult to hold to, BUT those first few days can be very hard to break that sugar habit.  It led me to quite a few headaches and grouchiness.  I probably should have warned people ahead of time.

I still have so much to share with you on this, but will do it in posts throughout the next few months.  Just remember that every step you take towards your goal is reason for celebration.  Whether you need to lose weight or not, just being healthier is a good goal.  And that is where I strive to be every day.

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  1. Girl, I am so proud of you taking the time for yourself. You look amazing no matter what size you are, but so happy that you have encouraged others. You know you have helped me get back on the walking wagon. Love having you to cheer each other on!! You are awesome my friend!

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